What is emotional hunger and how not to eat yourself?

Last Update: March 25, 2019

Life is unpredictable. Life is exciting. Life is boring. Life is cheerful. Life is sad. Life is. .. well, it's just alive. And we, more or less successfully, we're taking that life. To a moment when we allow that life brings us. And that is the time when we need help and support to regain control of our life.

Food is essential to all of us. For some, it's a way to satisfy hunger and support health and energy, while for others this way to kill boredom, relieve stress, or relieve emotional pain.

Emotional hunger is wont to eat large amounts of food regularly. This appetite caused by a variety of feelings, but not because you are hungry.

Fortunately, there are many ways to overcome dependence on food. It requires willingness and strength to admit that this is a problem.

How to overcome emotional hunger

Learn to distinguish between physical and emotional hunger.

Determine the cause of your emotional hunger. To do this, create a daily diet. After a while you will determine what is the connection between your mood and food.

Try not missing a regular meal. No need to fool yourself if you lose breakfast, you will enter during the day, fewer calories. It is not so because breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Throw out of home candy, fatty, and salty snacks. Fill your fridge with healthy food. Every time you want something harmful, you'll need to satisfy hunger with healthy meal.

Think of self interest that will replace the emotional hunger. Whenever you have the desire to eat, kill boredom and loneliness, go under the shower or walking. Anything, just away from the refrigerator.

Play sports. During physical exercise, the body produces endorphins, which reduce stress.

Positive beliefs: General and specific beliefs. Faith in yourself and your capabilities, faith in God, fate, justice ...

Not only one mechanism can help us

None of us used only one mechanism to overcome. We all have a unique combination, which once in life to address a situation in which we find ourselves. And so it continues to hold. What do we do when we find ourselves in a high-stress situation?

We can accept the situation such as it is. This mechanism leads to depression, because we don't do anything to try to change the circumstances.

We will look after some alternative solution. For example, after a painful break-up, we will work with all our might. Overtime, at weekends ... After a while we will remain, friends, lose earlier interests, and the problem will still be there.

We will try to find something positive in a real bad situation. Mislead yourself to be some benefit from that situation.

We will try to encourage. We will be talking to myself, "I can do it," "make all," "strong" ... but in the end we're going to "break". No one was always and in every situation.

We can "crashed." To cry, to laugh, to use black humor, racing out to eat, drink, smoke ... often combined with encouragement myself.

What is the strategy (not) successful?

The first step is to split the problem that at first seems like a vast and unsolvable. The second step is to plan the gradual steps in its resolve. For every small part of the problem for each solution. So it is easier to face the situation.

We will look after information and support. In different life situations can help us support groups. For example, the Association of parents of children with various diseases, groups on social networks. If you're reading this post, you are already a member of one such group.

We will take action aimed at the problem. We are going to evaluate all the available information.

Two steps forward two steps back

In our work, it's ups and downs. Two steps forward, one back.

But no matter what kind of life I have, I am well aware of my decision and courage go through life without feelings of shame.

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Great advices!
It's true when the emotional takes
control of the reason, it's difficult to
think with logic. It's important to understand
what's happening and to avoid responding
to emotional impulses.

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