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Last Update: March 03, 2018

I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for almost two months now. I have one website with 10 post and 3 pages, (6 posts have been indexed) and a new website with 4 posts and 4 pages that has been indexed.

The reason I have achieved this is from the stellar community here at Wealthy Affiliate. Not a day goes by that I don't receive some form of encouragement, learn a new lesson, or stumble upon something creative simply from reading questions and answers in the live chat. It's amazing how much knowledge is right at our fingertips! And it isn't only from the lessons, it is from ALL OF YOU!

I want to thank everyone here for sharing their stories. There are lots of success stories offering wonderful ways to build your business. Tons of personal training posts with pictures and videos to help anyone with an issue. But what is so humbling are the stories from people speaking from their heart and sharing their stumbling blocks. I give people lots of credit for sharing their obstacles with everyone. We will all possibly go through this at one point or another so it's nice to know someone else has gone through it and it will soon pass.

I wanted to share this and thank everyone for all you do. We are all working to accomplish the same goal and as a community anything can happen! We all support each other and care! Thanks again!!


Kristy Laurel

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Debs66 Premium
Kirsty well done in 2 months you have done amazing.
It took me 4 Months to get any where at all. It took me as long to build my first proper site.
The community here at W.A is second to none thats for sure.
Wishing you tons of success for 2018!!
Debs ;-))
npanaya02 Premium
Thank you for sharing, Kristy. I'm so happy that have found as much caring support from the community as I have.

I wish you continued success!