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Hi everyone, this post is a little humorous as well as a learning tool! I went to the Site Comments page to leave a couple comments to others and found a Red Response saying my comments were either reported as being inappropriate, spam, or low quality and I was not allowed to leave any more comments.I chuckled to myself in disbelief as I feel I am thorough and try to leave helpful comments. I scrolled down the page eager to see why and saw many "Disapproval" from the site's I had previously vis
April 05, 2018
Is it possible to have Too Much Content on a Post or Page?A family member of mine kindly stated an opinion that has caused me to slightly worry. She mentioned I had "too many words" on my articles and said it may cause the readers to not want to stay a while. I explained that I am not Amazon, Ebay or other large companies and that I provide quality information to visitors who go to my website. Yes, there is product too but lots of researched information for users to learn before making a purcha
March 30, 2018
Hi everyone, Happy Friday! I wanted to share something that I stumbled upon this past Friday in the Live Chat area. I was trying to help a new member, as I am quite new too. She was in the Lesson that teaches you how to sign up with affiliate programs. A fellow member told her not to sign up to an Affiliate Program until she had at least 10 visitors a day to her site. That confused me because if she has ANY visitor how can they make any purchases without an affiliate link? Maybe I don't unders
March 28, 2018
After a couple months of working with a laptop on my lap in bed, on a TV stand, any table in the house, etc. I finally created an office space! I emptied a back room, got an old heavy wooden desk, and purchased a brand new extra comfy computer chair! It's official!I am now considered a full-time affiliate marketer. :) Granted, I have been working with my websites full time since I started but knowing my hubby prepared this for my makes it real. He realizes I am not going anywhere and knows how
March 19, 2018
I am so excited to start Bootcamp and am still so blessed and grateful I found Wealthy Affiliate! This isn't work, it is my passion! Of course I have made many mistakes but that is how we learn and with our mistakes we are able to help others. It is a wonderful process!I have been a member for two months now and have become very busy. I am at the point now where a schedule is a must. As we write new content, complete lessons, answer social media, chat lines, and emails, it tends to get a bit ov
I wanted to share something I recently found out. I have been here at Wealthy Affiliate for almost two months. In the lessons, Kyle teaches you to start your writing content in the "Site Content" tab listed under "SiteRubix." This is the best way!When you visit your site in the back office and edit your posts/pages, under the tab "Posts" there is a category that states "Add New." Recently, I have been creating all my new posts under this. Granted it does work but it does not have all the wonde
March 03, 2018
I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for almost two months now. I have one website with 10 post and 3 pages, (6 posts have been indexed) and a new website with 4 posts and 4 pages that has been indexed. The reason I have achieved this is from the stellar community here at Wealthy Affiliate. Not a day goes by that I don't receive some form of encouragement, learn a new lesson, or stumble upon something creative simply from reading questions and answers in the live chat. It's amazing how much know
February 28, 2018
I stumbled upon WA out of pure accident! I was searching for a part time job that had nothing to do with my current career as a registered nurse. I was ready for a change and wasn't seeking a job that provided a huge income. I recently suffered a great loss in my life so I just wanted something different. I had no idea what!At first I got involved with an online company and the more research I did regarding that particular company, the more I kept seeing positive feedback on Wealthy Affiliate.
February 18, 2018
I surprisingly stumbled upon this program a little over two weeks ago. I was looking for a home based business but never ever even knew this type of business existed. I almost got myself involved in another company and quickly learned it was nothing but a scam. Thank goodness I did my research that evening and every website I read mentioned WA. I curiously checked it out. I was eager to see how it worked so I thought why not, I’ll give it a chance and if it’s not for me, it’s