What should I write about?

Last Update: June 30, 2016

Writer's block.....we all fall victim sometimes. There are a few things I try to think about when I am stumped about what to write, whether it be for an article, or a blog or a social media post.

Many successful business men and speakers have rightly explained that we achieve success when we help others. So, what do people need and what do they want?

People need food, shelter and clothing. Money helps obtain all these. People need health and want fitness and love and entertainment. They want motivation and inspiration.

All of these things are possible things to write about. These things breakdown into thousands of things that can become niches or articles.

So any time I want to write, I think about what people want and need. As I sit down to start writing I ask myself some questions. Does this meet a need? Does it answer a question or solve a problem. Will it inspire or entertain?

Last I set goals for myself to keep learning. Learning new things each day gives me more things to offer in my writing. Actively look for ways to meet the needs of others and let's write ourselves some freedom friends!

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David58 Premium
I will add this to my trick bag for writer's block. I seem to have it all of the time. Thanks Dave
JudeP Premium
Good ideas to use when suffering from writers block, thanks for sharing :)