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Last Update: June 23, 2016

Barely a year ago, I discovered the world of blogging. As long as I can remember, I've always had an opinion about everything. And by “long” I meant grade school days. Hah. But, I never wrote any of my thoughts on paper. I never wanted anybody to know what I was thinking, or what I had to say. I’ve always feared criticism. As time went by, though, I realized how important it is for the whole world to hear me. Still, I kept quiet.

July 2015, I discovered a community that changed my life entirely. That is where I found my passion, and the people who shared the same passion I have. I learned how to express my opinions. I learned how to blog. I learned how my views might actually enlighten other people.

I am now two weeks in at Wealthy Affiliate. I found WA through my desperation for earning an income that will keep our house, and keep those nasty bills at bay. But, two weeks in, I realized, WA is teaching me how to earn money without working. Why did I say “without” working? Because I am walking a path where I have to do what I have been doing for free and loving it. How much more would I love it if it would bring me income in the future?

I am writing this blog to share my goals in joining WA. I have just received an encouraging email from Kyle reminding me to not quit even if I didn't start earning in the first month. Or the second. And I thought, I wouldn't mind if I didn't make any money the third month either. Once I get my website started, I will keep working on my content. And keep working until I have quite a fair amount of quality contents when I start gathering my target traffic.

As a reader, myself, if I found a new favorite website, there's nothing I would love more than to read more contents from that website. I believe patience and sincerity are what's gonna make my business successful. And I am looking forward to sharing successful years to come with WA. :)


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JudeP Premium
You've got just the right attitude there Kristine. Slow and steady wins the race - keep on pushing forward and you will be at the winning post! :)
kristinepaul Premium
Thank you so much! I'll keep that in mind. :)
cosmicradio Premium
Keep going, Kristine. You have a good attitude that will put you on the road to success! Keep on writing!-Rick :)
kristinepaul Premium
Thank you! I'm so excited to start working on my contents. :)