Last Update: January 20, 2017

When I first came to this site. I thought it would be just like any other type of site that I have been on and tried to make some much needed money. After I started researching the information I come to find out that the only way to make it in anything you must have process. So, I took the actions that were needed by taking this word apart and truly reaching for what was found on the inside of this area. Let me break it down in such away to help aid others who may have just came or who is looking for another step to walk up toward another level in the area of your life.

P - Praise, we must always find away of giving praise for hard work, for small beginning, and for the purpose of worship toward the Lord.

R - Real, understanding that being real to who you are is far better than being a fake person to the man or woman in the mirror. If you cannot success in life it is no one fault but yours, because in order to truly make it, you must be real to yourself first.

0 - Obedience, in order to be successful you must be obedience to everything that you are doing in your life. In order to operate in this area and any other area of your life, you must be willing to be obedience to who you truly are and then your success will come in like a storm.

C - Caring, in order to care about what you are doing, you must be a caring person for others. This requires more than some people are willing to put into themselves and their visions. Caring is a real heart to be successful. It's not the financial gain that is coming up but the success of caring for each person whom connects with you.

E - Excited, you be very excited about what you are doing in order to be successful in everything that you are doing in life.

S - Success, does not come when you get in the morning, but you are born with it and from that very first day you took your first steps. You became the successful person that you are today even if you do not see yourself as being such.

S - Self, if you are not into what you are doing in life, then no one is! You must see you even when everyone else has given up on you. You are the only one that can bring your dreams and visions to the light. Believe in yourself and watch you make it to the top of your vision forever.

It is my prayer that someone will gather some much needed information out of this blog and that you will not give up because you do not see any process taking place. A little about myself to give some encouragement along the way.

I was born in a time when the color of your skin made a difference. I endure much hard times and many failures, but I have never given up no matter how hard it looks. I learned how to push myself to the next level each and every time. No matter what came at me or what hit within my life, I learned how to stands and fight in the face of storms. After many years of failing and dealing with so much hurt and pain, I decided that I was going to make a change in my life. With losing my job of 15th years, working for only two months after that time, and to getting benefits from the employment office. I made a true statement of my life.

Stay where I am at and continue on the road or get off the road that is going nowhere. Should I continue to let things slip through my hands after I have prayed or should I get up and do something about my life. I made a decision to get up and do something about my life would completely change my life forever. By becoming what I love to do so much in my life, becoming a Motivation Speaker. This is my life and continue to write on my books, write best sellers and continue spreading the Kingdom of God to the world.

Thank you for coming to my page and reading my thoughts, I prayed that I have written something here that will help to aid your life or that will help to encourage you to become a very successful person.

Kenneth R. Hare

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MsMerry Premium
Awesome pos,t Kenneth and so motivating to so many. Thank you for sharing.
Ivileivine Premium
Thankyou Kenneth, I believe in the power of prayer and yes, your post has hit home in me. Mahalo to Yahweh our most and one only Holy, Holy, Holy Father God! We cannot succeed without him, and let it be his Will.

Bless you brother,