Never Beaten !

Last Update: September 20, 2015

" It's Never To Late To Workout "

It has taken me 12 months of " Mule Hard Work " to get to the strength and fitness Level i am now at, i still have a few months of strength training before i can do My boxing workouts and that is my goal.

It really has been a long 5 years since since i was injured , and a lot of personal Battles in that time have taken place , but i do believe that my strength and Fitness will be equal with my pre injury that i had attained , due to the great Nutritional and rehab Program that i am using and a " Never Beaten Desire Mind Body Connection. "

Injuries = Left Shoulder, Full Focal Tear Rotator Cuff, Lower Back Soft Tissue, L4.L5, Buldge Discs , Degenerative Discs, The Pics On My Profile Where Taken Just Prior To My Injuries Aged 57, I Am Now 2 Months Short Of 63 , So I Will Take Some New Pics When I Start My Boxing Workouts To Show You The Progress That I Have Made !!

What Ever Age Or What Ever Injuries You May Have The Mind Is Truly a Powerfull Weapon, !! We All Have The Desire To Be Fit, Strong , Happy And Healthy, " Health Is Our Greatest Wealth "

Start Of With Some Light Resistance Training , Take Things Slowly Step By Step Seek Advice From a Gym Or Personal Trainer , Buy a Heavy Bag And Some Training Mits ( gloves ) Boxing Workouts Are The Greatest , And In The 30 Odd Years I Have Worked Security Boxing Has Saved Me Many Times !!

Also Seek Advice About Supplements And Protein, Because They Really Do Help, It Would Have Taken Me a Lot Longer And Much Pain If I Did Not Have a Super Nutritional Plan.

Let Me Finish With These Words = It Is Better To Age , Strong , Happy, And Healthy,

Rather Than , Weak , Feeble, And Unhappy !! Not Only Does The Body Stay

Strong, So Does The Mind !! Henceforth= " Mind Body Connection "

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KOTechniques Premium
Left Out = Rather Than !!
stevechic Premium
Thanks for the motivation trying swimming and eating healthy, but need to do more. Do not want to age weak feeble and unhappy
KOTechniques Premium
Good Stuff Steve, stay strong , try some boxing !!
all the best
elsie919 Premium
Hey Kevin,

Good on you! Great work. I completely agree with your summary.

I train in Muay Thai and have been for only 5-6 months so far. But before I started I was suffering from a chronic pain condition and it was only getting worse. Couldn't even get out of bed some days.

But I got sick of it after a year of complete sh*t - excuse my language - and I said, Stuff this pain. Stuff this arthritic body of mine. Stuff everything. I'm gonna fight and get back on my feet.

Now I can do almost 5 sessions a week. :) Such an amazing feeling.
Great blog Kevin. Good on you and keep at it!

All the best,
KOTechniques Premium
Hello Elsie, fantastic , reading your piece also inspires me !! once i got the inflammation under control with the superfoods , it was full steam ahead , keep training and stay strong .