Bursting the Bubble

Last Update: February 28, 2014

Well looky-here – my website is chugging along quite nicely, I think. I’ve learned a lot! A lot of what works, a lot of what doesn’t work.

I'm heading into Course 3 and pretty excited for what changes are going to occur. The main challenge that I have faced is being efficient with time management and pushing myself to just get things done quickly, rather than being a perfectionist or letting life get in the way. I feel I’ve done pretty well, but Yummy Petal requires a lot of research. In order to rev up the pace, I need to work SMARTER and come up with a better system for holding myself accountable. But the primary concern is making sure I’ve got reliable, quality material for readers to benefit from.

I’ve met several people within WA who also have natural living authority sites. This is exciting to me because not only does it indicate mass interest in my topic, but it also reinforces my belief that our people are moving to a more healthful way of being.

One of my goals for the next three months is to start incorporating interviews and outside authors into my blogs. Which brings me to the title of this post. Even though I’ve gotten some feedback from people here in WA, I’m still beginning to feel as though I’m in a little bit of a bubble. I already work from home as it is, so I definitely plan to take some field trips to herb gardens and other relevant sites see what the local market has to offer.

YouTube is also on my list of networks to take advantage of, for sure! I’m a huge fan of the video reach, especially when it comes to educational videos and cooking segments. I don’t very much like to be on camera, but I do have a lot of actor friends, so they might just come in handy ;)

Please check out my site, yummypetal.com. I’m looking to learn and will take any comments into consideration!

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WrightA Premium
Sounds like you have it all figured out! Let me know if I can borrow one of your actor friends... ;o)
Wayne Wallace Premium
Congrats! Keep the great work!
Koa Premium
Thanks, Wayne!