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February 28, 2014
Well looky-here – my website is chugging along quite nicely, I think. I’ve learned a lot! A lot of what works, a lot of what doesn’t work. I'm heading into Course 3 and pretty excited for what changes are going to occur. The main challenge that I have faced is being efficient with time management and pushing myself to just get things done quickly, rather than being a perfectionist or letting life get in the way. I feel I’ve done pretty well, but Yummy Petal requires a lot of research.
February 03, 2014
I’ve been pretty occupied with writing content for my website, And so far, I’ve been fairly happy with the things I’ve published, as well as the pieces I have yet to put out. But there is one section that’s given me a bit of grief. As I was putting the finishing touches on my site in order to post it on WA for feedback, a very dear friend of mine called. I got on the phone, chatting and clicking away semi-absentmindedly when schwoooop! Home page deleted. Now, I wasn
After a few days of relatively easy deliberation, I've decided to step my cookies up and join the WA Affiliate program. It's a little bit of an investment, but I think the cost will help motivate me to make this a success. So far, the content that I've been presented with has been above par and I feel a ton of excitement for the new experiences that my business will eventually bring to myself and everyone else signed up for the haul. I'm not huge on New Year's Resolutions, but I'd like to make