Planning for a successful 2019

Last Update: January 25, 2019

2019 Goals – Planning for a successful year!!!

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” ? Benjamin Franklin

A new year bring refreshed and renewed mind, and am more motivated to create and each day may bring its challenges but I am going to stay the cause in order to see this plan through. How many times do we give up, when there’s just a minor setback in life? I learned the hardest lessons last year but they all made me stronger and wiser.

Great things take time to build, and I will be more kind to myself and build with a plan, passion and resilience.

I have a feeling 2019 is going to be amazing, and I wish that we all succeed in our personal lives and our online business.

My goals for 2019 at Wealth Affiliate and with my blogs:

  • I plan to do more product reviews for my natural and organic beauty niche.
  • Do weekly training with Jay to improve my skills in different areas of online marketing.
  • Finish Level 4 and 5 of my Online Entrepreneur Certificate by end of Feb 2019.
  • Research more news and trends for 2019 on my niche and write more engaging and well-researched content.
  • Make use of the Research tools like Jaaxy and add more keyword search so I can do a proper planning and schedulingof my posts.
  • Overcome my fears - It’s important to ask the community when am stuck, we all learn something new every day.
  • Website reviews - Give feedback to others as I ask for feedback on my sites.
  • Manage my sites well, be more creative with my content and graphics and link my posts on my social networks – Facebook, Pinterest and Google +
  • Update my Google Calendar to schedule dates so I can post on time and never deviate from the plan.
  • Check that my Google Adsense account get approved and what it takes to get approved.
  • Quarterly review my posts for relevance and a bit of touch ups, sometimes looking at our work from the consumer/customer’s perspective can help us spot mistakes/errors that we might not see when we first post the content.

I will refine and twerk the plan as I learn and go along.

I’m looking forward to monetizing my sites this year, so am re-working the plan and creating a strategy for my websites. My goal is to monitor weekly engagements with those who visit my site and check all products that I review to see if I can improve anything.

I have a feeling 2019 is going to be Ammaaaa-zing!!!

Cheers to achieving our goals and dreams in 2019.



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CandP Premium
Wonderful goals, Kele! Wishing you every success.
C & P
jshahid99 Premium
Hi Kele and these are REALLY great goals and your plan to achieve these goals is fantastic and it has give me a real inspiration as I have been going through rough time since the last few months and this post has given me the encouragement to devise a plan and stick to it religiously to assure success at the end.

Good luck to you and everyone in 2019.

KenShaddock Premium
Well done Kele. Public declaration too. Your 2019 will be Amazing for sure. Thank you for sharing your focus and determination. I'll have some too thanks.