Looking ahead!

Last Update: November 05, 2018

The real deal

Hi WA members, hope you are doing well on this beautiful Monday. I have been MIA for some time now and it really feels good to be back and pick up where I left off. The past three months have been hectic. I was dealt the most at work, school assignments and family commitments. It drove me crazy and I ended up neglecting my online platforms and training because I was just exhausted. I had to really take it one day at a time, as I had committed my weekends to spend them at my family home since we were busy renovating and I needed to keep checking if all is in order and if everything was going according to plan and schedule.

Time wasted

I wasted time trying to do many thing all at once, I lost focus. I’m glad to say am back to my old self and have regained my energy. I now plan better, I have a great monthly schedule for my studies, my online platforms and work in general. I may have lost valuable time during the past three months, but I have really grown personally. I know what I want and what I cannot do, I cannot do and am happy with that. Sometimes we just take on so much that we get depleted in the process.

The new focus – Looking ahead

I’m now planning to focus on keeping my schedule for my online platforms, finish the training at WA and writing more content for my websites. I came to realise that life will always happen, things will get in your way but we must not allow the destructions of life steer us in the wrong or different direction. I plan to commit to my schedule in order to get back on track, if it’s to happen it’s really up to me.

A big thank you to the WA Community for your encouragement and motivation always.

Have a lovely day and productive week.

Thanks, Kele

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marmar463 Premium
Welcome back and do the best you can no rush not a race you do what you can. Life does happen and we can't control that so we take on day at a time. So just take a deep breath and breathe and you will be fine.
MiaL Premium
Life has a habit of getting in the way! It is difficult sometimes to stay on track with our websites and training here when other things happen in life that are necessary to be there for.
I hope you have a productive week.
smartketeer Premium
Keep up the good work Kelebogile!

Your journey has just begun!

KMrwashu1 Premium
Thanks a million :-)