Lesson Learned in 2018

Last Update: January 22, 2019
2018 – A year of many lessons which am grateful for.

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” — Confucius

This quote truly resonates with me, in so many levels and areas of my life. I wanted to write and publish my 2019 goals and aspirations for my website/blogs here at WA. I always like to encourage and motivate myself by reading positive messages and books.

As I was busy jotting down my 2019 goals, I Enter your own correction... that in order for me to move onto this year, I must first do a Due Diligence/Audit of my performance in 2018. I wanted to access what I did wrong in 2018, what I failed at ?, what I could learn from my failures and what can could do better in 2019 in order to rise and accomplish the goals I set for 2019.

These are the things I did not do well in 2018:

  • I did not finish my Wealth Affiliate Training, and hardly managed to do weekly training to improve my skills.
  • I hardly wrote blogs on my side, and thus did not engage much with the community…the excuse work…work….work :-(
  • I did not write enough content on my websites, which means less engagement in all platforms.
  • I created a Facebook and Pinterest account which I also need to revamped, and use to constantly communicate, engage and promote with followers.
  • I did not engage as much with the community which will have to improve because WA people are simply the best, we learn so much from all of you and should not take that for granted.

What I can do better in 2019:

Looking at my sites, I need to invest more time on writing valuable and insightful content. I think there are parts of the training that I can re-visit for more clarity and improvements. I believe engaging with the community at WA, is the most valuable thing you can do as an Affiliate Marketer. Lastly, I need to be more consistent in my training schedule because what I have learned so far have improved my skills tremendously and I know that I can do better.

Grateful for the lesson learnt in 2018, you can always do better!!!

I will be posting my 2019 goals soon, I need to be accountable this year so that I can see results and more activity on my sites.

What have you learnt in 2018, that you can improve on…in your life and business?

Feel free to share your thoughts or comments.

Much Love and Happy 2019. May you prosper beyond your wildest dreams :-)


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sdawson Premium
This is a great thing to do. Thanks for the reminder. for 2018 and 2019.

1. I finished a lot of Kyle's super affiliate training. I'm finishing it in 2019
2. I created a Pinterest account and began posting to it but not enough, I need to catch up on my post/pins and follow more people.
3. I started two other online businesses to diversify my income streams but need to work on them more in 2019.
4. I started another online business to go along with my CBO website, and I need to add content to that site and promote it.
5. My salad site got started and is collecting fans and I need to create more great content for it - I feel it will do well if I just keep adding good content.
6. I need to create more content for my WA Bootcamp site - I'been doing that poorly.
7. I mainly need to create more content, good, ranking content.
8. I need to figure out how to do funnels and implement them on my sites.
9. I want to watch many more of Jay's videos this year and learn from him.

So basically I need to continue to learn and work on good content and implement the training in 2019.
KMrwashu1 Premium
You will definitely do well this year, I believe we need to be consistent and we will see great results. I also need to watch more of Jay training to upskill and write more ranking content for my sites.

Wishing you all the best for 2019:-)
Ahimbe Premium
Thank you Kele for sharing what didn't go well for you in 2018. I have been guided on what to avoid in 2019.
I wish you the best as you work on your blogs.
I am waiting for your 2019 goals!
KMrwashu1 Premium
Thank you so much, I will post them in no time:-)
Wishing you all the best in your venture as well.


Dollypizze Premium
I wish you all the best
Keep the good motivation going
KMrwashu1 Premium
Thanks Doll, a great 2019 to you as well:-)
Joy3 Premium
Best wishes in all you efforts
KMrwashu1 Premium
Thank you very much, Joy :-)
TommyVTE Premium
Make the time now to invest so can do later a bid less
Have a great day