I would like to personally thank feigner aka Phil

Last Update: June 12, 2017

I have been here a year or longer and this community is awesome. There is one person that is my go to guy whenever I have a question and i want to acknowledge him and tell everyone what a great person he is. When i felt like giving up he encouraged me not too. He has always given me great advice and he takes a lot of his time to research and help me. Currently he is helping me with a interactive map of Georgia with cities that are clickable.He has spent hours working with the coding and even put together a tutorial How to create a multi part clickable picture


I really wish i could find the right words to express my gratitude. He represents what this community is all about or thrives to be. Helping others unselfishly

Thanks again Phil!!!!



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nardusvdv Premium
Sounds like a guy I want to follow...So, thanks to you as well Kmarchbanks!
feigner Premium
thanks kenneth
just fetched the post and it landed up on page two, little further down for the harder keyword.
but hopefully we will get there - keep asking questions!!