Premium Benefits - The price is going up so sign up ASAP!

Last Update: March 10, 2016

As you all know we have a Premium membership option here at WA! It is $47 a month, but it will be going up $2 in April and it will be $49 a month.

With the Premium membership you get access to more help from other people that have been successful with WA, and it will help you become MORE successful! The price is raising because WA is continuing to evolve into the BEST online marketing platform there is!

This monthly price is the only thing that increasing, nothing else. So you need to take action now in order to lock in at the lower price point. I know it's just $2, but it depends on what it's worth to you!

Thanks for reading, and here's to our success


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SowAndReap Premium
Hey Karissa, I agree, If a person signs up now they will save $2 bucks forever even if they were to leave and come back.

I still feel though that what WA offers even if the monthly fee goes up a few bucks, it's still the best price point, service and opportunity ever.

I'm on my third year and I must say, I wouldn't be here at WA if I hadn't made a dime or a return on my investment. It's the best investment I ever made. :)
Kksb0711 Premium
Completely agree! :)
TonyHamilton Premium
Yes Karissa,

Yearly is still only $359 and the best value.

At less than $1 a day we have all the value that WA offers available.

Thank You for sharing the increase and remember that along with the $2 increase we all also will earn an additional $1 of that as our referral commission increases to $23.50 per Premium Referral after the 1st month.

Thank You Karissa for sharing & caring,

Kksb0711 Premium
Thank you for the clarification Tony!

Of course, the yearly is the BEST option. And even though the premium is going up $2, it is in our favor since we will get an extra $1 for each commission! :)