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Last Update: October 28, 2015

Hi everyone

I've been doing some Google research looking at other random website to just get some presentation ideas. One thing I come across which I do like is an intro video page. I looked further into this and there's plenty of sites offering free set up using there various templates and you just add your own text. This is more common on you tube but I did see quite a lot of website having it and I feel it gives a professional start to the site.

I haven't from anyone at WA who has this and I also don't want to pay for it if you know of any free versions.

So I was just wondering what your thoughts are on a flash player intro which last 5-10 seconds with some great graphics and a theme tune.

I look forward to your feedback.

Kind regards

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RandellD Premium
You might want to check with Fiverr. As a start you could probably find someone to do a 'shortie' for you for about 5 bucks.
ConeyM Premium
Hmm..something new. Why not create one and will see how WA members applaud it. Very interesting!
mijareze Premium
Research my friend!
If you are producing your own videos, make sure your camera, or your video editor can save the video file as a flv file.
The format that youtube uses... " that I remember"
Pisquali Premium
Personally I hate pages with Flash player intros, they waste my time and generally bounce off them. That's just me though.