i restarted my membership why?

Last Update: May 16, 2016

Because I missed WA platform and what it had to offer. I didn’t quite understand the value in Networking on WA. I wasn’t using my membership to its fullest extent. Plus I think I still have more to learn.

Although I mastered keywording and blogging and my sites are making decent cashflow, I believe there are people on here that have more to offer than meets the eye. I will be reaching out more and asking more questions. Problem last time is that I learned what I needed to learned as an online affiliate marketer, but I left with some questions unanswered.


There are many features on this site that I learned to love after I left. I love the keyword search tool. Very valuable asset. That alone is worth the membership because it cost $49 on Jaaxy for the same features. Then there are ample amounts of training on just about everything you could imagine. It’s very nice that they have an online Entrepreneur class. I will complete that training this time around. Something I regret not doing. I won’t make that same mistake twice.

Although I know tons now and don’t need to manage my site through WA, there are some advantages to doing so. Most importantly the site statistics. I’m not sure if that is what it is called because I’m having trouble accessing the domain I set up through WA, because the link between my WA account and my website management features was somehow broken when my membership cancelled. WA has a lock on that domain, so I opened up a trouble ticket to regain access to it through my WA account.


For any of you who are new and want to get a jump start on the process, feel free to PM me.

The biggest tip... keywording. I call it keywording even though it is not a word. It's an action. If you master keywords, you can land your stuff anywhere you want. I am now very good at this. I have learned google so well, that I can determine if my keywords will land on the first page of google in less than 10 minutes. Then there's alphebet soup and low-hanging fruit techniques to really get your pages out there. I also realized how to use images on my websites to populate keywords as well.

I also know exactly how to set up your blogs to the tune of Google's beat. Google has a certain way they weigh pages in their algorithm to give it the most exposure and highest value. This took me ages to figure out and now I have become quite the expert at it.

I even learned a Social Media mastery skill that draws people to your store almost every time and sometimes involuntarily. I can redirect traffic from a post to page and make it look like the article is sponsoring your product.


I’m here to stay. I plan on being on here for quite some time. Sorry for those who reached out to me while I was away. Fortunately, I was only gone for a short time and have already responded to those who PM’d me. It is quite funny to see my rank. Believe it or not, I was like 189 just before I left, now I’m like infinity. Lol

Well, as always, thanks for reading. I know many who read this don’t need my help, but most of what I wrote is for those getting started who might need a helping hand.

Once I get my domain back under control, I will be offering access to the wonderful amounts of knowledge I have obtained. Some completely free and some at a price. There will be lots offered over time, so every once in a while, check out www.onlinemoneymaker.xyx. Bookmark it. It’s down right now, but hopefully, WA will give me access very soon. Take care and Godspeed.


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bsmith1222 Premium
You are right with this post. The WA benefits far outweigh the cost!
KatieMac Premium
oh your site link is saying cannot be reached
kingshopper Premium
Just got fixed.
KatieMac Premium
lol nice to see you back Corey and that is one of the reasons I stay with WA the information, training and support is second to none and more importantly miss the community interaction as well even if I am on quite so much
kingshopper Premium
Yes... very true. Good to have people to reach out to.
JudeP Premium
Welcome back :)
JasonHeard Premium Plus
Good to have you back, Corey.