My growth in training with WA.

Last Update: November 02, 2019

Hi all!

Only one week to go to complete my 2nd month in WA. I am in Bootcamp training to complete and actually , I could complete perhaps 1/3 of the training course, and here I have proved to be going slower than expected.

Here, I got so many new things to understand and execute and here I took more time than usual and so is the reason for my lagging behind, though my website has been indexed by google, though I don't know its fate with bing and yahoo. One of my posts has also been indexed by google.

Before I came to WA, I knew that doing affiliate marketing in a right way, is time consuming and there is nothing magical in it. It will take time to see the results and this I know very well now. But definitely, there is money in affiliate marketing and this I came to know interacting with a few stalwarts in affiliate marketing of to-day. and so uptill now, I have kept my focus on it.

One thing needs a special mention here and that is the invaluable community here.and this is seldom available. This community is a great learning place Even if one checks the comments one after the other on any technical issue, hope he will get the answers of so many upcoming questions and this is really great.

I use to read almost all blogs daily managing time and I get the opportunity to enhance my knowledge base both technical and social and this is really golden and this is unforgettable. All here are my friends and I always get my required help very quickly. Such a community that never stops encouraging all the aspirants mainly the newbies on a daily basis and it is really charming and I wholeheartedly wish a very integrated and peaceful very very long life.

Thanks for your patience and time.

My regards for you all,



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barry0z Premium
Congratulation, Kalyan. Have a great day.
HeidiAnders3 Premium
My sweet friend, Kalyan! You are making HUGE progress! I am so proud of you! Keep at it and you will be seeing new horizons very soon! I hope you see many more successes along this journey! It's so exciting!!

Kghosh Premium
Hi Mam!
It's so nice of you. Thanks.
My regards for you.