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November 02, 2019
Hi all!Only one week to go to complete my 2nd month in WA. I am in Bootcamp training to complete and actually , I could complete perhaps 1/3 of the training course, and here I have proved to be going slower than expected.Here, I got so many new things to understand and execute and here I took more time than usual and so is the reason for my lagging behind, though my website has been indexed by google, though I don't know its fate with bing and yahoo. One of my posts has also been indexed by goo
October 02, 2019
I am really glad to know that my site has been indexed by Google. I know that this is the first step towards my destination. It will be prudent to mention here that I owe to a great extent to all my friends in the community here at WA. Without their selfless help, this could not have been possible for me to do it. I don't want to miss the opportunity to thank all my friends here. I always remember that I am a newbie and a non-techie and without their helping hand
September 10, 2019
Hi All my friends here!Today, I am nine days old here at WA. I have been overwhelmed by the responses of my friends in the community extending their helping hands. I am a newbie and a non-techie too, but I have grown up with a feeling as if I am at my own home surrounded by all very close to me. Here, I find everyone, eager to help each other. I have very rare instances like this. One cannot feel lonely or isolated here. One is surrounded always by motivating people. The situation is such here