Great Time of Year To Eat Frogs

Last Update: December 02, 2018

Great Time of Year, Seeing Friends, Giving and receiving presents, Relaxing enjoying the change

Hope We all On Track

This time of year can be very busy for some, for others they don't want to do anything.

I encourage you to stay on track, No reason why you can't get stuff done then as a reward relax, socialize and generally have a good time.

For me I love what I do here so for me it is have fun doing this then relax and have fun with family and friends

Eat That Frog

I know This is a Strange Headline

What Does This Mean

  • Get the hardest to do task done first
  • You know the one you been putting off
  • Eat that frog
  • Get it out-of-the-way
  • Move Forward
  • If you got lots of frogs take a deep breath
  • Starting thinking of recipes to make the frog taste better

For More Inspiration and Well lets say the rest is a secret

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  • Inspire Others
  • Discover Secrets
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Jackie1281 Premium
Thank You for the inspiration !
ExpatMark Premium
Was hoping you had some new frog leg recipes. Love them thangs! Good post, thanks for sharing.
kezsam-Sam-F Premium
lol I actually never tried frogs, other than the metaphoric frog in my post had to eat a few ugly ones of them
ExpatMark Premium
Taste like chicken. lol. But really does.
lesabre Premium
Thanks for sharing
barry0z Premium
Hi Kezsam,

Very inspiring good job, this is what I'm looking for.

PCrook Premium
Good timing and well taken and well done, Thanks!