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I've been chatting with a couple WA members over the past few months and there seems to be a recurring issue with many newbies and even some of the not-so-newbies.The main issue is that they are having difficulty choosing a niche.And while the training does help, some people still feel a bit lost. I know that I was also in that same boat a few months ago.For me, it was not being able to concretely figure out what I was passionate about and whether what I was interested in was actually financial
Hey Guys, it's Kevon here.I'm curious to know one thing...Why are you interested in online business?As a member here on Wealthy Affiliate I've come accross lots of people. Many succeed and many also fail. What I've found interesting is that people's WHY is what propells them to keep going against all odds.I've found everyone has different reasons for starting an online business and just wanted to know yours.For me personally, it's to gain more financial freedom and more control over my life - m
Another WA member reached out to me recently to ask for guidance on how to get content ideas for their website. He is promoting WA on his site and feels stuck in terms of content. Here's what I wrote to him. I though I'd share it with the rest of the community as I found it useful for myself. Some of it you'd already know from the training.First Start with Reviews. You can do reviews of WA but also of other programs. ( is a good place to look for different programs o
Give and Take is Taking a TollMany of you may already know of the give and take comment section here at Wealthy Affiliate. For those of you who don't know you can find it here - put, it's where you post your amazing articles and content and ask the community to post comments on your page. You also give comments to those who comment on your page in return. Hence the reason for calling it "The give and take comment thread".Recently I've had some stress with
Sorry for the late continuation of this post on How to Monitor Competitors. I promised a follow up part 2 and here it is.If you have not read part 1, I suggest that you do so - following on from Part 1, Part 2 on How to Monitor Competitors, focuses on other useful tools. We looked at and analyzing the source codes of competitor websites. Now, I want to look at a few other neat tools, techniques and tricks.1. Google AlertsWe al
Some of my best ideas on my website come from my competitors. So I though I'd share some of the ideas and tools I've discovered along the way on how to monitor competitors. You'd want to monitor your competitors for a number of reasons:WHO - First of all you'd want to know who are your competitors. That's the first step in monitoring your competitors. To do this simply do a search for your main keywords within your niche and the first set of results in the SERP are undoubtedly your main com
Update:So I already posted about using AddThis as a great social bookmark add-on for your website. But I recently found a much better one that is easier to use and integrate in your website. Drum roll please!!!It's called Shareaholic and it's super easy and cool.Shareaholic is an all-in-one Content Amplification Platform, which includes related content recommendations, social sharing, following, social analytics and site monetization apps such as promoted content, native ads and affiliate links
So I found a keyword that had 0 QSR competition and decided to write a post around the keyword. This was over a week ago. So today I checked to see if my site would show up under that keyword. When I searched using the quotes "", Google said that no results were found. SO I was wondering how to get Google to see my site faster. So I discovered that Google has this really neat webmaster tool that allows you to send your site or page to them to be crawled faster. Crawling is this really nea
November 24, 2016
Hey guys. Just sharing some small successes. So, I restarted WA 22 days ago. And although I've had a really hectic time at my full time job, I'm really proud of myself for the achievement I've gained to date. I found a niche that I know I'm good at (the sex industry) and I've managed to build my website with 10 pages and posts. It is still very much a work in progress with lots and lots of content to put in but I'm moving forward.I've looked at what the competition is doing and decided to
November 12, 2016
Hey guys. So I'm in the process of setting up my website and wanted to develop a logo for my site. Not being a graphic designer and not wanting to pay top bucks for a logo I decided to see what free logo making tools exist on the Internet. To my surprise there are plenty. So I'm sharing what I consider to be the best one here - you guys are having fun with your businesses, I know I am. And it always nice to find cool stuff that helps. It's even nicer to share thos