Having A Meltdown? - Stop And Go Back

Last Update: September 01, 2019

If A Job Is Worth Doing...

Welcome to my first blog which I don’t mind admitting to being more than a little nervous about. I mean have you seen how many people are on Wealthy Affiliate!

Well here goes. I’ve been with WA for a little over three months now so it’s time to take stock and look at where I am and what I’ve learned. I’m a great believer that if something is worth investing time and effort into, it has to be done properly utilising all the tools at your disposal.

So as Kyle often says, without further ado here goes - I went Premium and strongly recommend that anyone who wants to make a success of WA does the same.

Go Premium - It Could Be The New You

It puts you in absolute control of your destiny in the world of affiliate marketing giving you limitless posibilities. It’s the second best thing I did next to signing up with WA and for me is an absolute must have resource. I could not have done what I have so far without it.

Now....I’ve spent far too much time on Modules 1 & 2 (which I’m still on) but very pleased with the results and want to give a huge shout out to all who continue to help me, especially Kyle and DianeScorpio for their excellent tuition and ongoing support. It’s priceless!

Stop! Look! Listen! Learn!

All was going very well, or so I thought. At the start of Module 3 I hadn’t read one blog or looked at any thread questions at the bottom of 1 or 2. Not one. Still in my own little world I rattled through it to Lesson 6 until the first cracks started to appear, and then widen.

I was watching the walk through video when Kyle, referring to something he’d already covered said, ‘you will recall I talked about this in ........’

Did he? I couldn’t for the life of me remember anything about it. The self doubt kicked in which started me thinking what else had I missed? It sent me into an immediate mini meltdown and questioning whether I’d actually learned anything in the lesson I was in then.

I panicked and nearly gave up, thinking others would be questioning why it was taking so long for me to catch up. Then I stopped, read the blogs and learned so much from the WA community before deciding to go back to the start. And I want to say thank you to you all.

Hand On Heart

I’m sorry for not reading all the great blogs sooner and taking advantage of all the fantastic advice of which I’m now a proud contributor.

It really really does make ALL the difference.

And remember ...... It’s not a race. If you run too fast you’ll only pass yourself coming the other way when you go back.

I’m not starting a new beginning but at the start of a new ending.

Good Luck to all and thank you again.


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DianeScorpio Premium
Thank you for your nice comment, always happy to help.
KevinWalton Premium
Very welcome Diane thanks again.
TheRubyVegas Premium
Kevin thank you so much for sharing this and welcome to the WA family. You have no clue how much this hits home for me! Just like you, I recently had to hit my "reset button", and as scary as it can be starting from a new page, at least you can see the page better without all the "red marks"... if you get my drift. Too often we get so caught up in the rush for immediate results and whatever ideas we've created in our heads of overnight successes and at times unrealistic goals that we miss out on just going through the process and end up kinda dismantling our success.

Keep up the great work Kevin and I look forward to seeing your progress!
KevinWalton Premium
Hi, Thanks I’m so glad it’s helped you, it certainly does me knowing I’m not the only one going through the pain barrier 😊 Best of luck in all your efforts.