Consistency is key to breaking bad habits! hidden secret in plain sight.

Last Update: March 04, 2018


Whether for business or personally, our habits come to define us and is Key to success. Bad Habits we all have for sure make sure we are on a path to failure as in good habits will lead us towards Success as we make progress and grow.

You can evolve yourself into becoming the person you want to be, because even that habits are powerful and they are difficult to make or break still it's possible to gain control over your personal habits.

If you are looking for a shortcut for breaking your habits I'm here to tell you stop looking.Shortcuts for mastering your habits don't exist.

it going to take hard work & discipline for changing your habits but that's where consistency comes into place. The one principle that can take you to greater success-rate is that the idea that habits are founded from consistency.


Habits don't appear from out of thin air or genetics. In fact they are merely products from our personal behaviour, coming to existence after repeatedly patherns. We get up every day, be aware what you do every day for starters as a repetitive behaviour. After a while it will become a habit that sticks.

There is a logic explanation and psychology behind this behaviour. As humans we are driven by daily routines because they are unconsciously predictable. and predictable equals safety.

The good news is that once you manifested a new positive habit, they are extremely hard to break because the habit itself needs a new habit intentionally repetitive to replace the old one.

So if you have goals for 2018, remember my blog, once you established the new & positive habit it will stick for ever. :-)

By now you are well aware of the fact that consistency is key to having success in all aspect of your life.Don't be misguided here, repetition is not perfection.

Small gains add up to big results and in their term will lead you to the longterm success.

Enjoy your day, Kevin Van

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JerryMcCoy Premium
good post. great advice
skandy85 Premium
This image sums it up. Never stop!
KevinVan Premium
Hehe, that’s a funny picture indeed. :-)
Steven-A Premium
consistent, persistent and downright stubborn. ..
skendrick4 Premium
Thank you. If only repetition was perfection, we would not have the problems we all have in life. Sigh.
KevinVan Premium
Wise words Skendrick4 :-)