Promoting Wealthy Affiliate Locally

Last Update: July 30, 2018

Hello again!

So today I just wanted to ask everyone about something I have been thinking about the last couple of days which is local promotion of Wealthy Affiliate.

Have you done it? Did you see any results (any that you were aware of that is)

I know the internet is has a never ending pool of people and once you have an established site this type of promotion might seem irrelevant to some but I still wonder if it has been done and if it can be done with positive results.

One thing I was thinking of was fliers in local businesses and community centers. I think it could be a good Idea and am thinking about trying it. Something like a piece of paper that has a bunch of individual portions where someone can tear the piece off and take with them.

You know what I'm talking about you've must have seen them before. Usually pinned up on a board somewhere. Like for example someone posts they are a babysitter and they put up the flier and anyone can grab the slip with there contact info.

One reason I think it could work is because when people actually see the promotion physically in real life and not just online it becomes more legit in their mind and more real.

They might see it and think "hey that's something I can do!" versus when they see another ad online they just exit out thinking "oh Boy yet another scam" or something along those lines.

The nonstop amount of internet scams make it so people stop even looking for ways to make money online or start their own online businesses. (It happened to me)

  • One thing I was thinking of is in doing this should you just leave your email and explain the program
  • put WA website with your aff. link in it (I don't think that's a good Idea as people probably wouldn't put the whole thing in anyways)
  • Put your site with the review URL on it. (this or email is what I was thinking)

So what are your thoughts on this and experiences if any. Thanks.

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Swangirl Premium
I guess we could just make up a flyer describing WA but not put the name on it, and hope they type in our affiliate link correctly.
kevinv91 Premium
the better thing to do might be just leaving your websites review(if you have one) and explaining what its all about on the flier. The better thing would probably be to use a prettylink cloak so that way you link doesnt have the word Wealthy affiliate in it. just MO
Swangirl Premium
That is a good idea. Thanks.
Swangirl Premium
I have thought the same thing but I am always worried about this point:

Wherever someone accesses WA for the first time, that is the account that will get the commission if they sign up. So if I tell someone about WA and they go online and type in "Wealthy Affiliate", who knows which link they will click on first. Even if they intend to sign up through me and go to WA through my link later, if they had already clicked through to WA from someone else's link, that person will get the commission.

So, it seems hard to do this in a print flyer or hardcopy method. It is also hard to describe WA in person because if you tell someone what it is called and they go look online, the same problem is likely to occur. You can tell them you will send them a link (which is what I do) but it feels weird to not tell them the name of the company if they ask. You can try to explain all this but they may not understand and go searching online anyway.

If someone has a solution for this problem I would love to know!
kevinv91 Premium
Thanks for the comment one thing I wanted to just verify is that from what I saw kyle post it is the last person whose link they go thru to actually sign up is who gets the referral.

I looked a lot for this answer and found both things. But thats what kyle said

So whoever convinces the person to signup (obviuosly through their links) gets the referral.

Anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong and Show me proof please bc if I am I would like to know. this question bothered me abot at first too!
Swangirl Premium
Oh that would be a huge change. I would like to get clarification on that as well! Thanks!