Passion is NOT everything

Last Update: October 15, 2020

I'm sure almosteveryone here has heard orsaid that building a business around one's passion is the surest way to succeed. Doing what you love and making money along the way sure sounds great, but is it thatobvious?

Hell no!

Back in the day there weren't that many insipirational speakers,selfhelp books and so on. People had to grind it out and the lucky onesgot to make money doing what they love.

Nowadays it seems success is judged based on one's ability to do what they "love doing" and finding a way to get a career out of it. Well, the sad fact is, most of us don't have thatkindof luxury. We have to grind it out and maybe down the road we'll get to shift todoing what we love.

Finding a stepping stone to your ideal lifestyle is equally asimportant as finding your purpose, passion, interests and eventually success. If you have to flip burgers to make ends meet, so be it. If you have to babysit ot walk dogs to pay for your education that will lead you to your dream job, so be it.

Just don't sit around saying you want to get to the clear path of financial freedom doing what you love, by jumpstarting your engine. It may work, but chances are you'll give upif it doesn't.

Happy grinding!

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JeffreyBrown Premium
Very well said, Kevin, and so, I keep grinding along daily!

GeoffreyC1 Premium
You need a big dose of ability along with that passion.
LMH1968 Premium Plus
Thank you very much for sharing