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Last Update: June 20, 2018

I've once heard a preacher said a couple of weeks back that, " If you feel like you are going through hell don't stop, just keep on going."

What a long way I've come, being in this community at WA helped pull out of me something I never know that was there. Something I thought that had all gone, which is "hope". The hope of thinking that my dreams can be made a reality. The hope of thinking I can be more than an employee working shifts at a dead end for. That hope which has been dead for so long. Suddenly feels like it has been resurrected from the grave and has come back to life.

I'm going be a little transparent here, I've been out of a Job for a little over a year now and I've sent out countless resumes and still haven't gotten any phone calls. I fell into a bit of depression, I also was frustrated and broke. A lot of gloomy things followed that season of my life.

Apart of me always believe that there's more to life than a dead end for that can dispose of you whenever they feel like it. I came across many get rich schemes online. Although I believe online has plenty scammers, I also believe there must be some legit opportunity online as well. I used to say to myself that everyone can't be all wasting their time scamming people online.

After being home for a couple of months I came across wealthy affiliate through a website called Extra paycheck online and that was the best decision of my life. Upon joining, I met an affiliate by the name of Jason Heard and this guy is amazing, he was basically my mentor for my period of getting started.

To be honest the process was not easy for me at the start. I was't tech savy at all, and it was plenty work in trying to figure out everything. I must say where I am now compared to where I've started is like day and night.

Currently I'm on certificate 4 in building my website kernysingingtips.com and to be honest I can't articulate the pride and joy I feel every time I've completed a certificate. Nothing can compared to that feeling of accomplishment for me. Joy it brings to see what your creativity can do or build is amazing.

To be transparent, almost all the time my website is open on a google window on my mobile phone. I like to look at my site to encourage myself of how far I've come from. Even if I'm feeling discourage, I'm motivated to just keep on swimming, because I don't want my dream to die again.

I must say the sacrifices is worth it. The late nights early morning writing content is worth it. Just knowing what lies ahead, my control over my life financial freedom and time freedom. The sacrifice is so worth it.

Thanks for reading my post, please leave a comment below or even share your experience with me. I would love the different perspective.

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alexjysmith Premium
Great job man. Accomplishment feels so good. I’m following you :)

Kerny Premium
THanks bro