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Been burning the midnite oil to have reach this far. I can't articulate how proud I am of myself for reaching thus far. Although I know the journey now start and there is much more to go, more creativity to be birthed. I just want to take this moment just to look back to be grateful to influences in my life and to remember where I came from. WA is amazing so glad I've made the decision to take action.
June 20, 2018
I've once heard a preacher said a couple of weeks back that, " If you feel like you are going through hell don't stop, just keep on going." What a long way I've come, being in this community at WA helped pull out of me something I never know that was there. Something I thought that had all gone, which is "hope". The hope of thinking that my dreams can be made a reality. The hope of thinking I can be more than an employee working shifts at a dead end for. That hope which has been dead for so lo
Hey guys, Nothing can beat this feeling of progress, these accomplishment really make me feel great about myself. I've come a very long way in my business and I still have a lot to learn and accomplish, but I just want to breath in this moment as I get ready to conquer the next level. Certificate 4 here I come, with an open mind, open heart and teachable spirit. I'm readyto grow to the next level, guys this is amazing just want to encourage you all to keep pursuing your dreams and give up on
November 30, 2017
Hey WA Fam,It's 3 am here in Trinidad and I finally completed my Certificate 2. I;m so happy right now i just can't explain it. So grateful for the community that has been helping me out.I'm looking forward greater things that lie ahead, Certificate #3 here I come, I'm ready for the challenge