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Photos for website explaining exercises?

Photos for website explaining exercises?

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I would like to find free photos of exercises because I am explaining how to do them on my website. Where do I find these? I've already looked in quite a few places and have ha

If it isn't available on any stock photo sites, then you might have to produce some pictures of your own. You could do poses on a yoga mat and let someone take pictures of it and video. Or put a video camera on a tripod and just do your work out. Then afterwards you can take snap shots from your video you created and use them as pictures in your content.
The video is probably also useful for your site and YouTube channel, so then you got both in one go.

If you got money for it, then a lot of good quality photos or figures are available in stock photo sites where you have to pay for the photos however.

For example stockphotos.com

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