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I am sure some of you have noticed I have really been hit and miss since March. I am really dealing with some issues with my rheumatoid arthritis which is limiting how much time I can spend working on my sites, sending emails and working on anything else... I was in the hospital with an infection in my blood stream which caused a medication called Humira to be taken away from me until everything is all clear. This leads to sore joints and makes me very tired. The infection is clearing up and
I did not know for sure if I was going to share this or not but I decided I must. My heart is so full of emotion because of a special gift I received on Valentines Day. Papa is surprised with some special love!The day was a Tuesday and I did not expect any gifts. I am a single guy and really did not think my children were getting me anything. Jason and Carly were making a cheese fondue for dinner which I was looking forward to. The grand kids and Jason and Carly had their gifts to each oth
February 18, 2017
I have finally achieved the certification for course 4! This one is a big deal for me because of my lack of knowledge of anything in social media!I had an account with Google but had no idea about how to use Google plus! I am still learning and will continue but now I know the language!Twitter was something the kids used. My comfort zone sending tweets has improved 100% since learning how to use this social media tool!Facebook was to look at pictures of friends and family members. Now it is
February 08, 2017
You guys and gals have now been stuck with me for six month. What have I done in that time. I have:Almost completed certification 4I am following 3,739I am being followed by 1,525My ranking has been as low as 193 currently 219I have made 3 small sales on AmazonI have several affiliates to add to my siteI am getting more consistent at adding content - not perfect but betterI have started a social media presence which I will build onMy goals are to make sales every month from now on and to add
Today I must offer special birthday wishes to a two year old. This young lad has taken my heart and made it warm and huge. He has made everyday special since his birth. I can't imagine a day without seeing his smiling face or hearing his cheerful voice calling my name.My guess is you know by now that it is my older grandson that I am talking about! Marshall - I call him Marshie - turned two today! He is a free spirit who has not learned to walk but can run all over the place. His smile li
If you have read any of my blogs or material you know they are about children. I genuinely have a passion for trying to make sure the lives of kids are the best they can be from birth on. I focus on single parents but the information holds true for all people who love children in the normal way. I have decided in 2017 a new approach with the same love of children will be taken.My learning from all of you is what will change my approach. The audience I have and will be gaining will learn mor
I have seen many blogs asking what we are thankful for and maybe a few even asking why we are thankful for them. I just wanted to know that -besides my kids and grand kids you -- yes I do mean you - are what I am most thankful for. I am now going to tell you why;I found a home here at Kyle and Carson's house to write my feelings on family and meet many wonderful people. I have learning materials and mentors galore along with the patience of so many friends (now family) willing to help and li
November 04, 2016
I have been around you great folks for about three months now. This group has become a second family to me and I feel very comfortable here. I have gone through a very rough patch and it will not end for another week or so. My time will be split up even more than normal. Let me explain.I went on a trip to Las Vegas in September with my nephew for his 31st birthday. He was looking to move there because he hates Minnesota winters. We talked and I did find out he was having a hard time and r
October 12, 2016
I have been talking about my family of angels including the new baby we were waiting not so patiently for. I decided not to be selfish and to share them with all my friends. This is who I get to see when I wake up every morning and say good night to every night! It is truly my perfect world!I just look at them in teary eyed wonder just admiring the blessings sitting right in front of me! I often ask myself how I got so lucky to have them in my life with their unconditional love and bear h
October 06, 2016
I have been working with all of you lovely people now for almost 60 days and I have actually accomplished a few things!I am just finishing up Certification Course 2. I did a lot of things in between lessons here so I did not think this was ever going to get done! It was only through perseverance and a little pushing from some of the blogs that I finished this very important certification!I have my website, www:// up and running. It does need some more inf