Are you telling your potential customer how you can help or are you just spamming??

Last Update: August 17, 2014

You know when you turn on your television to watch something of your choice, you are always interrupted by the age old commercial. Some of the non network channels have short form infomercials that will repeat the basic message multiple times. These as well as the regular network commercials, radio commercials can be quite irritating, especially if heard over and over. I know, I get agitated at this stage in my life.

So, what I am about to write about is that in our blogging and writing our content, do we irritate our potential customer with too much "Advertising our product"?

From Kyle's lesson on creating beautiful content, he mentions that we want to write conversationally to our potential customer.

Let's face it, we all want to make progress as well as sale with our websites.
We want to engage our readers so they will follow what we are presenting them and then lead to potential sale.

So, in your writing are you "Advertising" or pushing your link, or are you informing the reader information that they are:

  1. 1. Interested in reading
  2. 2. Will follow through with
  3. 3. Help them in their pursuit of this business
  4. 4. They will not get irritated at

I am by no means the expert, but I am only writing from a perspective of what I have read and learned. As Kyle has mentioned in one of His lessons, we need to be aware for our reader.

They Searced, They found your site, They are looking........................

What will you show them.....................what will you tell them...................Will you just try and sell or will you gain there confidence, trust, reliance on you.

Remember, there are "TOO MANY COMMERCIALS" that tell us just how good it is, but not one will tell us the truth or provide a direction.

So, will you spam others or are you providing directon.

In my profession as a Sr support specialist, I find it easier to provide the method rather than just talk about what I can do.

Best of Luck to all.

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suphatp Premium
Nice job!.Fortune and love befriend the bold.(Ovif)
Christabelle Premium
This is a good post and a good reminder!
TheHammer Premium
Great post and such an excellent point. Selling is not about telling, it is about building a relationship, getting into the prospects world and then helping them solve their solutions. Selling is mostly about teaching.

Thanks for the reminder :)