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Last Update: May 06, 2014

Hello everyone. I hope all are having a great day / evening. I have a new or redesigned website that I am working on that I would like some feed back on from some you here at WA.

I did start out last year here at WA, but took a leave of absence from the WA community to clear my thoughts, and to refocus myself as to what it is I am working with. What I am referring to is that with this type of business, most of us struggle as newcomers. We are eager to take it in, and eager to get started. As we progress through the training, we begin to feel that we just might be getting a grip on this. Might even feel that we might become somewhat successful. So, after Course 1, Lesson 1, we do it, we publish, and look for great loads of traffic, cash, etc........................

Guess what, it never comes. We didn't follow the training. We didn't absorb the the lessons to be learned and we became frustrated, disenchanted, and just lost.

I sort of, kind of, well I did. I must confess, I just got too much in a hurry, as well as trying to blend in time for WA and my career just was getting mixed up. So, I took a leave of absence to clear my mind, refresh my thoughts on what my goals are (not were) and to ask myself just what it is I want, for what reasons that I am choosing to follow this new career path.

I came back in April and have started with the Bootcamp program. I feel that this is the best route, especially for newbies to the world of Affiliate marketing. It gives you

  • Clear cut training
  • Sense of direction
  • A product to market (One that should be our alma matter)
  • Time to soak it all in

So, now that I have rambled on for a while, here is my web page link. I want to have everyone know that I am at the step of building the site, add three pages as well as a couple of other items. I want to take it slow, follow the training. I am looking for Quality Content not quantity and speed. I will appreciate feedback and discussion. Thankyou to all that follow me and provide feedback.


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arick Premium
Thanks Ken!
jancrum Premium
Welcome back, and thanks for sharing. I can't give you much input on the website because I am in the bootcamp training as well. But I do feel what you were saying about expecting this rush of traffic. And It didn't come. I am here to keep chairing you on because I know I will need someone to cheer me on as well. So let's beat this thing together.
Jen090 Premium
Hi kyber, I understand you' ve just started to build your website, hence, no content yet. Your intro re the baby boomer is spot on. You're doing well so far, well done. Neat site, too.
arick Premium
Sorry, I meant the website that is attached, not the blog.
kbyer Premium
There are three pages. Getting started, about me, privacy. Top horizontal menu. Thanks.
arick Premium
Hi! I am not seeing any content on the blog.
I would suggest more vibrant colors.
The Bootcamp is awesome! I am going over it again and again.
kbyer Premium
Thankyou for your input.