For All You S'Marvelous Moms.

Last Update: May 10, 2015


I am so very proud of my Mom. She has supported me through so much, and been such an awesome Grandma to my beautiful daughter Alex. I am thrilled that I live close enough to my family to be able to celebrate with them today. What a blessing!

To all of you Moms, Incredibly Experienced or Just Beginning, I hope you had an incredible Mother's Day.

You deserve all the credit you are given, and are very admired for all the work, pain, sweat and tears you have spent in order to give your children as good of a life as possible.

You guys are HEROS! =)

Hope you had a beautiful day, and continue to enjoy your evening.

Much love and gratefulness sent your way,


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BruceS Premium
Its a blessing for you to have a supportive Mum .It truly enriches your childs life as well as your.own. Good luck
kbeaudoin Premium
Thanks, Bruce! =) I totally agree! Mom's are so vital when growing up, and I hope to be the kind of loving parent she was.
Good luck to you as well,
danbarth87 Premium
Moms rock! Thanks for sharing Kylie. This is an incredible tribute to your mother
kbeaudoin Premium
They most certainly do, Dan! =D
Thank you for the compliment! They deserve all the gratefulness they can get. =)

Hope you are enjoying WA!