And So It Begins.

Last Update: May 09, 2015

So, about a day after I began the 7-day trial on Wealthy Affiliate, I got checked into the hospital due to immense pain in the stomache/abdomen/side areas. At first the doctor and nurses feared I was in early labor (being 22 weeks pregnant), but thank God this was not the case. Turned out I had gastrointestinal issues, and although it was not as serious as an early birthing process would be (Yikes!), the symptoms were serious and painful enough to be sent around in an ambulance and then finally staying at one hospital for almost 5 days.

This may seem like too much personal information, but we are all family here, right? ^_^

Anyhey, despite the discomfort, pain, frustration and sadness (especially since I was away from home and my 13-month old, beautiful little girl), I had allot of support around me, and have my Mother to thank for taking my daughter, and my husband for constantly being by my side.

I also had something else keeping me more optimistic than I would have been without, and that was Wealthy Affiliate. All that training and learning made me excited to progress through each lesson, and took moments in the hospital where I felt frustrated at being so immobile, and turned it into motivation to keep on keeping on!

Needless to say, I learned enough through the seven days of training that I was thirsting for more, and decided to purchase the Premium pack. So far I am glad I did, and I hope to one day soon, achieve my goal of being able to make money here so I can remain a stay-at-home-Mommy for as long as possible!

Thank you Wealthy Affiliate, for this opportunity, and Huzzah For Stay At Home Parents!


Kylie =)

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dldeaton Premium
I am glad to hear that things are better. I know being ill can get you down. I like you, hope that I can make my goals here at Wealthy Affiliate come true. If while sick, you still wanted to work at this, I have a feeling you will accomplish what you want here. God Bless You! Diane
kbeaudoin Premium
Thank you very much Diane. =) I truly hope you are right, and that you also accomplish every single goal you have your hear set on, and more! God Bless You as well Diane! <3
Keane Premium
Now, I just had to stop by and see what all the action is about Kylie. Have to admit too, I like your spirit (and NICE writing style girl)!

And yes, we are ALL family here! Therefore, I just want to personally extend my many thanks to YOU for taking action thus being the new addition to our WA family! Woohoo! :-] :-]

WA is behind you 150%,
Go Kylie! :-] :-]
kbeaudoin Premium
Thanks so much! =D You really know how to life one's spirits! ^_^
Keane Premium
You're very much welcome Kylie! Was my pleasure! I'm humbled by your kinds words!

Blessings to you,