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Last Update: April 18, 2019

I don’t know if this is something that has been getting worked on or not. But I’m sitting here with just my phone in hand and hate typing on my phone. It’s just not as fast...I’m sure many of you can agree to that.

I know there are a few programs out there with the talk to text feature. And I love that!

But in our WA content creation page we don’t have that feature. At least not for the phone apps.

I really like the content creation page. It’s got a lot of really great features anyway. And I appreciate all of the great features we have here at WA. And I know there are constantly improvements happening to benefit and help us.

I know I would absolutely love this feature here at WA if we could get it in here.

Anyone else agree? Or is it just me?

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lesabre Premium
Hi Kay, I can so relate to typing on the phone. I have even gone as far as telling my friends that I do not do the texting thing. From what I understand Amazon is coming up with a new version of Alexa that does the typing for you. I guess the Dragon speak has been around for awhile. My sister suffers from carpal tunnel and she just speaks into the mic and viola there it is on the screen.
LindaBaxter Premium
I used Dragon for a while but it wasn't as intuitive as I liked and kinda like Sir,i has to be corrected a lot. Hopefully Amazon will get it right. =^)
KayOSmith Premium
That would be cool if we could get Alexa to write it for us. I do understand there would be a lot of editing, but I'm good with that. :) Thank you for letting us know about this :)
anusuya1 Premium
hope you find a solution.
greenwealth Premium
Thanks for your comments.
I see I am going to need to use more tools and be creative about content creation.
Do you feel that pressure or need?
Because you brought it up, several here have added suggestions in their replies.
I'm going to experiment with a tool or for that now.
For me, I'm thinking I want to use text-to-speech, on my phone and and audio recordings for podcasting. I've seen several recommendations to use these tools to create more content from the content we have already making.
Like rabbits multiplying.
For example, by taking a video, and using the audio track as an audio-only post, then create a transcript to become a blog post.
And more.
All this to assist us to increase the amount of content, to fill the need, and keep up with the demand.
If you have more than one site or business, (who doesn't, it seems) we need lots of content.
Thanks for stimulating the discussion.
Your friend at WA,
Rick G /@greenwealth
KayOSmith Premium
Yes, indeed! What a great way of looking at it too :) Yes, it's absolutely to be more efficient. To do more with the time that you've got. I like spending time with my family, so anything that will make it easier and faster to get my ideas down so I've still got that time for my family :)

I like your idea of taking a video and using that audio to make a blog! :) Great idea! Thank you so much for sharing it!
manna4star2 Premium
My Android smartphone has Google talk to text works on email, messages etc but since I don't use my phone for WA i don't know whether yours would or not.
I also have an Android Tablet and when I was down from the storm i was able to use the talk to text for Site Content.

KayOSmith Premium
Thank you for the idea. I have an Apple. I'm looking for something on it that I could use for it. Maybe I can look for an app that has that. I know that OneNote has it, but not for the phone. Checked back and forth between the phone and the PC dozens of times hoping that something would change... :\
KayOSmith, Have you tried Google play store? They and I am sure Apple Store has this solution. Wish you luck. The solution is an App with voice to text conversion.
KayOSmith Premium
I will give those a try! Thank you :)