3 and a half months in Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: September 10, 2019

3 and a half months in Wealthy Affiliate

Wow, what a journey it has been so far, when I decided to join WA I had hoped that it would be what I was looking for and 3 and half months later I am seeing progress, progress with everything. When I began I knew nothing I was so over whelmed with the different options you find through the internet and I really was not getting anywhere only frustrating myself once joining all that has changed, The training has been so informative even though I have not yet finished it all. I really look forward to doing the boot camp training and sharing it with others.

My email system is coming into place I am gaining subscribers and I have also come across free training software which can help others. You can view them here:


I hope that some of these will help you too. At night, I lay in bed and process what I have accomplished for the day and plan out my next moves.

I am looking forward to making my first $ online although this has not yet happened I know that it does not happen overnight and that soon it will.

I am still not sure how I can see where my pages are ranking in google and whether my keywords are being searched if anyone could help me out with that I would really appreciate it.

All in all I am getting there slowly but surely and dream of the success to come.

Hopefully that will be soon as my husband just called and my car just broke down. Boo hoo.

Still holding thumbs

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MistySurf Premium
Hi Kay
Your blog is enticing in that it is projecting your excitement, determination and your confidence. You have the winning
attitude and obviously know that WA is going to 'delliver'
for you! You have already Won! Just 'hang in there' and
keep going ...
LisaOBrien1 Premium
Wow Kay you've made amazing progress in such a short time, well done! Sometimes the amount of stuff still to learn is overwhelming! Thanks for an inspiring post, I have no doubt success is coming your way :-)
EdwinBernard Premium
Kay, you've done amazing with your website in three and a half months. Love your use of the pop up,

Just a suggestion. If I was doing this I would not show the pop up as fast. Wait a couple of seconds more, or until you viewer has scrolled down a tad. That's just how I feel.

Keep up the great work!

KayKeene1 Premium
Thanks I will figure out where to change those settings.
travisbourne Premium
Thank you so much for sharing. I'm less than a month in being on this platform and there is so much to learn, the community and the learning videos makes the learning curve more straight forward thankfully. good luck on your journey to success and sorry about your car- that's always a bummer
starfalex123 Premium
Kay,Thanks for sharing with us Congratulation on your journey great job nice progress. All the best to you on your journey at WA. Have a wonderful day.