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It's been too long but I am finally back AGAIN .......OK, I was still a member (only just) but being absent is being away, isn't it? I hope this time I have learned my lesson that if I am not here, I am not learning and not progressing, and there just isn't anywhere else where you can find so much information, value, encouragement and support. Not that I have been doing anything else apart from overworking and feeling trapped, but I know if I don't do something to change all that, nothing is
December 30, 2017
Boy, I really am glad it wasn't too late to renew my membership at the same great Black Friday rate...So caught up was I in the rush period leading up to Christmas,.I thought it would just automatically renew and forgot that I still actually had to authorize the renewal charge to my bank previously,until I noticed a conspicuous lack of emails from WA in my inbox when I checked in after a while. Uh-oh, now what?, I worried. But not to worry, it was all still there waiting for me to wake up and
September 12, 2017
Aaaaarrrrggghhhh! Another dead end, another U turn, about turn or just plain spinning in the spot! I had come grinding to a halt in the Bootcamp lessons as I increasingly felt I should make a success of a niche first and then, based on that success, promote Wealthy Affiliates as the wonderful platform it is with the proof in the pudding, so to speak. Which brought me face to face with the fact that I don't really have a niche of any sort. Out came the pad and pencil with all my dabblings at
WHEN PASSION ISN'T ENOUGHThere is a saying "Follow Your Passion and the Money Will Follow".............Hmmmmm - well, I was feeling passionate alright, but I just wasn't getting or even slow.......................Once I became a Premium Member, I just wanted to shout about WA from every roof top, I knew I had found THE PLACE to learn everything I needed to start an online business. As I was getting into the Certification Course (barely) I realis
February 01, 2017
It is great being a member of this community. Help is everywhere. I feel honoured to receive this dedication badge - it will spur me on to share with others, the joy of being a member here. I would like to thank everyone for the help and encouragement I have received here. No contribution, however small, goes unnoticed; my tiny contribution is but a drop in the bucket compared to other member's contributions, and I have not provided any training as yet, and still I receive a dedication badge
November 15, 2016
Well, the dreaded internet crash happened, and I have only just got back online, and guess where I headed? To my beloved Wealthy Affiliates, of course! To tell you the truth, as it caught me at an extremely busy period, I just couldn't face the drama of repeated holds hanging onto the phone trying to get it sorted, so I just let it go for a while, only to find the portable wireless modem which was supposed to be on back order (for a couple of weeks) was no longer available and a whole differen
Someone made the point recently, by way of a comment to an awesome post by DStaple (Dave) on the vital importantance for us internet marketers and website builders, that some folk will have a harder time than others writing lively and engaging posts due to their vocabulary being limited and not so well developed. In his post, Dave urges us to post often, daily if at all possible, to improve our skills. Dave, I hear you, and if not daily, there will be more posts from me too (aaargh! - just trie
January 02, 2016
While I have been busy doubting myself these last few months just gone, something very positive has quietly been going on in the background, on my website.I know I have really not done much (if anything) to promote my website and get some referrals happening, my website is really just the result of working through Bootcamp, Course 1. Now I have just started Course 2 and as part of the first task, placed a new post on it (Week By Week Blog). Today I thought I would take a peek at the Website to
December 31, 2015
As we all know, there is so much to learn here at WA, once you decide which path you are going to take (and that is a study in itself). I am only now coming to grips with the realization that if I am going to proceed and succeed, I am going to have to "do" as I learn, and not vice versa (mostly trying to learn), as I have been struggling to do. There is only so much you can absorb and retain without actually putting things learnt into practise.I was trying to take it all in, or as much as poss
February 24, 2015
There are many components to success in any business. Not in order of importance ........ You need a plan You should have a blueprint, and work on it regularly, keep updating it You usually need some form of finance, however minimal - few businesses can be started up from scratch, although it is possible - take WA, for example, with its free entry. You need dedication. You need a vision These are just to name a few .... and lastly, but not least, you need a team of supporters, to be a member of