Blinded By Shiny Objects

Last Update: Apr 24, 2013


My Eyes Hurt! I think I'm going blind.

As part of my assignment in Boot Camp, I have been researching IM Products to review. Really Kyle? Would you put us through such torture?

Insight! That Ah Ha! Moment in your brain.

That's okay, Kyle. I didn't really mean it. It's all good! I can see where the brightness of the objects can deflect one's desire to follow and cling ever more so passionately to Wealthy Affiliate.


On these websites, I first, noticed all of the large font bolded red sentences (I pretty sure I was supposed to). Here's how Jay described the color red in his Emotion of Color Training : Red -- energy, excitement, symbol of life, aggressive, passionate, vigor. I would say the word AGGRESSIVE best describes this scenario.

Images Everywhere!

My eyes were crossing looking at the images. Beverley has a great infographic about images. She says, "Colours, type and size of font and images all have a huge impact..." I'll say! On these websites I'm researching, the impact is overpowering! Not a good thing.

Buy! Buy! Buy!

Buy this book on this subject and that book on that subject. Buy this training video on this subject and that training video on that subject. Get out your credit card and go here to get started. That's enough of that. My eyes are swimming!

Eye Salve Applied

I think my eyes are returning to normal now as I apply the eye salve of the Wealthy Affiliate website. If you've been staring at shiny objects too long, I suggest you do the same. Ahhhhh! Comforting! Real! Doable! Go get 'em Wealthy Affiliates!

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Good job Kathy!

I can relate.


Thanks, Kal! Is it Kal or Kall? I want to get it right. :) I'm sure you can relate. Thank you for reading and commenting. :)

Hi Kathy, great post! How true.......I now try to stick a pair of blinders on, and just go down one path......the WA one:)

Absolutely! Thanks so much for reading and commenting. :)

Nice blog way to go

Thanks, Tommy! Really appreciate you reading and commenting! :)

I think I'm blinded with Shiny object too, lol! Great blog...

LOL! Aren't we all? Thanks for reading and commenting, Nenita. Hope all is well with you. :)