Hello from a Newbie!

Last Update: August 02, 2015


I have reached the end of Lesson 5 in the first Affiliate Bootcamp course, and thought this would be a good point at which to stop, review and reflect on what I have learned and achieved so far.

I have made my first website, which was surprisingly easy, just as Kyle promised it would be! I have created my "About Me", "Privacy Policy" and "Getting Started" pages and have entered some content on each. I have also made three more draft pages, which I have not yet published.

I have begun my list of topics, which I found much more difficult than I anticipated. I am planning to work more on this over the next few days - I think that stressing about it is hindering me, and that topics will come to me suddenly if I leave my unconscious mind to work on it!

I am not completely happy with the look of my website, and have had trouble formatting my content - again, this is something I didn't expect to have problems with. I did reach out for help with regard to placing an image, which I received promptly - thank you AngelaHall.

So, I will continue to follow the training step by step, and complete each task as I reach it, and am sure that everything will suddenly all click into place!

Look forward to learning and earning with you all!

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PaulDG Premium
Keep with it Karen, your website is something that will continually evolve. Good luck with it, you are on the right road here at WA. All the best.