Regurgitation OR Inspiration? It All Boils Down To Perspective

Last Update: July 13, 2020

Something happened to me this morning that made me think to myself;

"Do these people really value the advice that is given to them by other members of this platform? Or do they just think, "Hey, this is just another piece of bull regurgitation!"

I am not bashing, but it made me wonder briefly.

Briefly enough to write a blog post on it. LOL

But the story went like this: a fellow member (bless his or her soul) PM me to ask for advice on how to make money on here, the challenges that may be faced as an affiliate marketer, how my experience has been et cetera et cetera.

I was fortunate enough to be welcoming some new members to the community (a new habit of mine) when I stumbled on a rather nicely written piece of advice in the comment section from a fellow member (I don't remember his name, I am sorry) that I thought would answer the questions perfectly.

So I copied and pasted the advice and mixed it with my own thoughts and experience to read something like this:


I started in August 2019, and thus far (despite not making 100s— not even 50 to be quite honest) I don't regret the decision to invest in my business one bit. After all I only signed up for premium a few months ago right before the Pandemic so I haven't really gotten the chance to zero in on my business because of a work-life-pandemic balance.

However, I know that affiliate marketing and online business success is a long haul kind of thing, so I am buckled and ready for the ride.

I hope you enjoy your journey as well.

Affiliate marketing is a huge learning curve, but with time and dedication you WILL succeed.

The great part about it is that, unlike many, you have a thriving community at WA to guide you along the way.

Take the time to have a good look around inside and explore the platform and training available.

You'll be amazed at the amount of training there is here...but don't feel intimidated. It's all broken down into bites sizes, and if you take each lesson as it presents itself; then you'll be OK.

The training is there for an excellent reason – to help you, learn and understand the fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing!

Affiliate Marketing at the start is hard . But, if you remain focused and dedicate yourself to learning, you'll taste success as many other's have already done.

Be realistic , don't set yourself up with any time frames that will be unachievable, start with small goals as they are an excellent milestone's in measuring your progress going forward.

The best word of encouragement from me; by following the training step by step, an inch at a time, you'll even amaze yourself at what you can accomplish.

"Slow and steady wins the race!"

If there's something in the training that might have you baffled or you don't quite understand its logic, ask the members (who've been there and done that) to guide you through and get you back on track.

There will be times where going back over some of the training is absolutely necessary but then that's what you should do; because, later on, you will reap the rewards from putting in those few extra steps.

If you hit a wall and you're finding it difficult to move on because you're unsure what to do. Reach out to me, and I'll help you through. Or feel free to post your problem into the member's community forum and help will arrive.

It's much better to ask for help when you need it rather than dwelling over the problem because in the end you will become overwhelmed for no reason . Don't give up. When in fact, help is available; And, that includes me. So reach out when you feel stuck.

Find something you're passionate about and run with it.

With how the world is currently facing the way people conduct their businesses, those changes will bring about new needs in the online world. Many businesses and many everyday people alike, will change their everyday habits, and therefore, will reflect on their daily activities.

Without a doubt, online shopping is sitting on the cusp of an explosion, and what better place to be than where you are right now.

All the training that WA provide's will set you on the path to success.

Many of you, who are reading this have already or about to lose your primary source of income with no real prospect that when things get back to normality you’ll have a job to go back to.

So, financially and mentally you need to be setting yourself up to learning the fundamentals of affiliate marketing, learning as much as possible at your own pace.Then applying those teachings into reality. You are in the best and greatest place to do just that.

I won’t sugar coat it, learning everything isn’t going to be a walk in the park. But, if you prepare yourself making small goals and gradually achieving those goals, then the sky is the limit

Here's to your future success and I look forward to watching your progress.


I was like, "this should be a good enough start'.

To my amazement the response recieved was something along the lines of, "Oh I thought you had taken the time to write me such a long response. But when I started reading, I realized it was a community response. LOL"

Again, I am not bashing. But I shook my head.

I had taken my time (in the bathroom at work I might add) to formulate a piece I thought would be valuable words of advice to someone in need, but what I got in return implied it was far from it.

I shook my head again.

And wondered if it is: who said it first, or how it was said, or what was said that is truely important in the scheme of things?

Have you ever wondered if people absorb whatever piece of advice you give, or whether it is just another "Same ole same ole" reaction?

I certainly did today.

I didn't ignore him/her though, becuase that is not what I stand for, nor what WA stands for. We are truly a pay it forward community.

This was my response:


It was both a mixture of my thoughts and what others have said that is relatable.

Please don't feel as if it is just regurgitation.

Making money online is not necessarily the easiest cherry to pick.

That is why I recommend that you find something that you are both passionate about and that has the potential to reap rewards.

By focusing solely on the numbers, it is easy for you to get blindsided. Narrow your interests, likes, dislikes, and zero in on what you love to talk about the most, and what you think people may be interested in reading about.

Remember that you WILL have to churn out content after content to support your business.

Don't fret about the numbers too quickly. Just start writing. Once you get the hang of it, you can begin your analysis.

Get acquainted with SEO, Keyword research (THE JAXXY TOOL is there for that!), formatting, social media promotion (PINTEREST is great for driving traffic).

Go through the training and pace yourself.

Some people learn at lightning speed, some have to go a snail speed; that doesn't mean that you are any slower or disabled. Try your best to learn as much as possible and apply what you've learned.

Affiliate marketing is not for everyone (harsh...but true), but whether it is for you or not, is up to you to decide.


What I had to say may not have been what he/she wanted to hear—that's on him/her. I still feel as though it may resonate with someone who really NEEDS to hear those words though; so have a go!

Whether we are new or a long-time marketer, we ALL have our up days and our down days. As I mentioned in my post, Success Is Happening At Wealthy Affiliate. Read It and Believe It ,it is great to read other people's words and make sense of it all. This is a community and so if you meet up on something that someone said and that resonated with you, I don't think it should be a crime to share it!

I love Nathaniell's work, so you will always see me linking to something from him in my posts —I really and truely find him inspiring. So, maybe he can inspire someone else like me. Here is a recent article from him; I recommend that you check out this article to get a bit of insight into the making money aspect and debunk some common myths associated with success at WA: Only 10% Of Wealthy Affiliate Members Are Successful!

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