My progress so far.

Last Update: January 05, 2017

What an amazing and eye opening experience this WA community has been! I am loving it.

I started with full steam so that I would get far on the foundation of my website, and to replace my income as soon as possible. Also, I had to get the momentum going at this crazy transitional period in my family's life, so as to stay in it despite changes all around us.

I am a builder by trade and have done much carpentry to pay the bills over the years. Crafting is a passion of mine, and I never wanted to pollute that passion with the attachment of wages or money. I knew there was a better way to make an income, especially one that isn't so capped.

Over the last two years I've looked with interest at the many platforms and possibilities for making an income online. An event on a construction site this August changed everything for me..

Someone tried to brutally take my life with a good sized board (2x6) to my face while I was turned. This person was not instigated by me, and to this day I have yet to find out why he tried to kill me.

After the attack, I've had a case of PTSD that I never thought possible. (nobody plans on post-traumatic stress disorder) Because of this, I was eager to leave the building scene more than ever, and this led me back to the online income search.

Up in the wee hours of the night, just after Thanksgiving this year, I discovered a pattern of awesome reviews leading to WA.

I joined with premium without hesitation, and haven't regretted a second or a cent spent so far.

My family is in the process of moving to a new town, in a new state, and essentially beginning a new chapter in this beautiful life we all share. At the very same time, I've been remodeling the home we're moving out of, so that it can be sold shortly.

All of this story to basically get to the point where I am just super impressed by this platform. I have spent over a hundred hours learning and building my website, and I haven't felt lost, confused much, or discouraged.

Even though I am in the starting phases, and just finishing foundation steps, it shows. I can actually see my rankings improve, and my site looking better. Even my ability to write and compile my thoughts seems to have improved.

Celebrate all the little successes and steps. That is what makes the journey and even the destination fulfilling. Without the steps, the destination cannot even be reached, so they're extremely important and worth celebrating.

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Dillidami Premium
You have come to the right place and you will definitely find the peace and satisfaction you deserved. Best of luck on all your endeavors at wealthy affiliate.
viyee Premium
I'm very pleased to hear you enjoy WA training. Very best wishes you and your family all the best 2017!
Leody Premium
That is so good to hear! I am also thoroughly enjoying myself on this platform and there is so much knowledge to be gained here! It is absolutely amazing. This journey will definitely be meaningful and enriching. Let's celebrate our little successes together!