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Trying to find free pictures can be a headache.I myself struggled in the beginning of building my first website with finding free pictures in my chosen niche. Actually, I had a hard time finding ANY pictures online that I could use on my site without worry. You see, I don't want to be sued by some Jack or Jane for accidentally using pictures of theirs, while thinking I'm safe to use them. Scary stuff, lawsuits.One method that caught my attention when going through the training, is when Kyle men
January 05, 2017
What an amazing and eye opening experience this WA community has been! I am loving it.I started with full steam so that I would get far on the foundation of my website, and to replace my income as soon as possible. Also, I had to get the momentum going at this crazy transitional period in my family's life, so as to stay in it despite changes all around us.I am a builder by trade and have done much carpentry to pay the bills over the years. Crafting is a passion of mine, and I never wanted to po
December 13, 2016
Moving on to the second set of training. I have been anxious (in a good way) every day up until this point. I didn't mess around with not buying premium right away, and for that I am grateful. Looking forward to being successful online in my chosen niche!
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December 03, 2016
Excited to be a premium member. Looking forward to finding a niche. The community support in WA is impressive!