Patience is Key!

Last Update: February 26, 2019

The past few months... yes months... has been quite a learning curve. There were times when I thought I might just give up on affiliate marketing and times when I thought I'll just straggle along and maybe I'll get lucky.

Looking back, I see the progress I have made and hard lessons learned from approaching affiliate marketing as a bit naive. My views changed and I've implemented approaches that I think I never would've learned if it wasn't for WA training and the many live classes.

At the end of phase 3 I can say I can now finally deliver top notch posts with the most exposure I can possibly give them. And.. let them do their work from there on out. That's what it's all ablout isn't it? Ruminating on statistics on old posts won't get you anywhere. Make it a passive income and let your posts do the rest of the work!

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Ahimbe Premium
Patience is key indeed. I am glad you haven't given up and results are beginning to show.