Copy Writing? I Need Some Advice

Last Update: May 02, 2019

So, recently I've been searching for job opportunities related to affiliate marketing, and the one word that keeps popping up is Copy Writer.

At first, I thought it had to do something with copyright and how you are writing content that is unique and has authority.

I was sorely mistaken, as my research quickly led me to a marketing gimmick that have been around for longer than I've lived.

The name may be outdated as well as its original definition but it quickly dawned upon me that I have been applying my marketing process incorrectly, and i hate to be the sore loser who doesn't learn from the best.

So my base definition of copy writing is that it is the application of the spoken language into the written word.

What it teaches you is that when blogging, you don't leave your call to action links open and deliberately placing your reader in a position by feeling forced to buy whatever it is you're selling. Instead, you attempt to have a conversation with them and subtly suggest that they buy your product or service.

Although this is basic, there is a much deeper meaning to copy writing and how to apply it. So I'd like to ask, how do you interpret copy writing. I'd also like to ask you if you know of any literature or online resources that I can read up on copywriting?

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DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - writing is a difficult industry to break into and is very competitive. I am a freelance web writer and proofreader. This is an area you could consider if you are a confident writer. It differs from copywriting as there is not usually a CTA, the articles are descriptive or informative. For example, product descriptions, holiday guides or how to guides. If you are interested, let me know and I will PM you with details of reputable agencies you can apply to.
NnurseBecca Premium
Ok i sent one of the articles to you
NnurseBecca Premium
I do! I love Pat Iyer Copy Writing advice, she is a nurse but also a very successful ghost writer. Her podcast is powerful, and she has teaching on copy writing you maybe interested, as it is not all niche specific but very handy for any niche.
I will googlebing my brain for the article and send to your private message. Great blog because there is more than meets the eye to copy writing.
Best Regards,
Nurse Becca
Kaizen21 Premium
Thank you. I will read up on it. At the moment I know the bare essentials, but I am keen to learn more.