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Last Update: November 22, 2021

Hello everyone, this is my first blog now that I am on almost done with stage 3 of training. My niche is generational wealth and my articles discuss topics such as saving money for college, life insurance, and teaching your children about money, So far I have published four articles. I am very proud of myself for making it this far, two months ago I would have never thought I could start a blog about something I have been researching for years. My upcoming goal is to publish 10 articles by Dec 10th, I may have to double up on my current posting schedule to meet my goal but I am confident it can be done. Next, I am excited to learn more about the affiliate side of things, I am nervous to see how I can find programs that correlate with my niche. Overall the experience so far has been eye opening and fun.

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Newme202 Premium
I love your progress and your mindset
You are really growing in confidence
Well done and congratulations
Awesome 1st WA blog
Keep moving forward
MYJones Premium
Looks like you're going to be one of the leaders here, Kacee. I wish you the best of success!
AbieAJ Premium Plus
That's really awesome progress, Kacee!

Please know you're doing great.

We are so happy to have you with us, and we know you are going to enjoy and benefit greatly from the Wealthy Affiliate training here.

Wishing you success on your online journey and business endeavors.