A Woman's Work.

Last Update: May 26, 2016

Labman inspired me to write this after reading his posts about his yellow shafted flicker! Thank you Labman.

A few weeks back, during my Spring clean up- I realized that I had a dove take up residency in my side yard. She made her nest on an old wooden ladder that I placed there last Fall (country yard decor, right?) So I started watching her and within 2 days she had 2 eggs in the nest. At that time there was almost no cover for her, a bare tree branch and a wisteria vine that draped over the ladder. Through spring breezes and many rain storms she cared for her babies as the leaves slowly began to appear on the branches. Then one day, the nest was empty! Nice, she got the little ones raised and out of the nest so she must be off celebrating! Whoo Hoo!

NOPE, I soon realized that she had moved them out of the nest, around the corner of the house and under the shrubs. They are very close to being the same size as herself but she is still feeding them, AND she now has 2 more eggs in the nest. Is a girls work never done?

Needless to say, my side yard may not get the attention it needs this Spring because I am enjoying my tenants and will not disturb them. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

Her little "bird condo" has now filled in nicely with lots of leaves so she has plenty of cover. I will continue watching to see how many "batches of babies" she will raise before she gets a break!

Hope you enjoyed, Take time to experience nature.


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Toshmack Premium
Lovely with smoked back bacon ;)
Only joking of course :)
LizPB Premium
Awww cute! And no it's never done ;-)
MPollock Premium
Thats cool
justcruzin Premium
Thanks Mike, I hope the online studies are going well for you.
JudeP Premium
How lovely :)
justcruzin Premium
Thanks. I feel like maybe I should take her a worm to help her out!
chuka Premium
Beautiful! No Deb, a woman's job never gets finished. If you are a mother, it's job for life :) I enjoyed reading this.
justcruzin Premium
Thank you Chuka. It is a job for life, and I find it very rewarding.