Blog Post Importance and Goals

Last Update: February 14, 2016

Talk about inspiring - read . Juggling our schedule between keeping our brick and mortar business running smoothly and doing our lessons, building the site, and picking up more tips a day than we can count. Now if Paul's success with his current blog posting goal isn't enough, scroll down through the comments and see what chrisgooden had to say about what one of his colleagues had accomplished.

As if we didn't have enough motivation, my 65th birthday (64th was yesterday) is fast approaching. We have talked, and as soon as get through our spring show, we are going to have this same goal. Maybe we won't achieve the results Chris's colleague garnered, and maybe we will exceed them. We won't know if we don't try!

Wish us luck and please continue with your support and encouragement. Thanks to our WA community!

Rod and Troy

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MKearns Premium
There are so many opportunities in WA that you can feel overwhelmed in setting goals. Just focus on one main business goal that you feel right about, research it and put a blog or site about it out there.
Junkexchange Premium
Thanks for the advice. So many pies to choose from.....