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Last Update: May 07, 2017

I've made it through three of the Certification courses, and I'm working on number 4. I got to lesson 7 and the task is to create a blog post here on WA. So here I am. I have to say, I am enjoying myself immensely on this journey. I've learned so much already and I know there is more good stuff to come. I made the commitment and signed up as a yearly member - I know it's going to take time to learn all there is to learn here (and there's a lot!) and to start making money from my efforts. I've been looking for an online business that was worth investing in for a long time, and I really think that WA is that place. I know that it's not going to happen overnight, and that it will require some real work, time, and effort on my part. But that's okay - I'm not afraid of any of those things.

I really do wish that I was in a position where I didn't have to work full time, but my husband and I are not in that place. So I have to work full-time and contribute to our household income. So, I make time where I have it - early in the morning, before starting work, and then when I get home and get the chores done, I get online and work some more.

One thing that I find distracting is that I still get a lot of spam emails for other types of online business and money-making programs. I find myself clicking on those links and wasting time looking at other programs - which 9.99 times out of 10 are scams. I am working on clicking the little check box next to the email and just deleting them!

One thing I do worry a little about is the size of the niche I chose. My website is, and I thought it was pretty good. But after doing some research, there are A LOT of sites out there offering information on keeping your Chihuahuas healthy. I'm going to continue to use this website as my learning tool, but once I get through the program, I have some other ideas for niches that I will look into.

All in all, things are progressing well. Like I said, a little slower than I'd like due to lack of time on my part, but I'll get there. It doesn't need to happen overnight, I can be patient.

Good luck to all of my fellow entrepreneurs on WA!


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LCrowle Premium
Well done Julie for coming this far. I too am continuing to go through the training and enjoying it. Yes good idea to delete those 'shiny objects' emails. The majority of them are a total waste of time and it is much better to brand yourself with your own website. Happy learning.
JulieHarris Premium
Thanks for your response! And yes, I'm doing pretty good at clicking the box and delete, delete, delete!
loriC1 Premium
That's very true, it does take time. I work at a slower pace so I can absorb all the information and understand it.
Have a great week.
VeronicasLuv Premium
Sounds like you are making great progress, Julie!

The reality is that no matter what the niche, there will be competition, which is a good thing. Competition keeps us alert, competition helps us to see what works and what needs improvement, and competition helps us with building content for our own sites. I'm not talking about copying by any means, but you can definitely get some great ideas.

As you continue with the certification, see how your site can stand out: maybe your focus can be on chihiahuas over a certain age, chihuahuas that live in the country, vegan food for chihuahuas, etc. Regardless of whichever direction you go, aim to grab people's attention just through your writing.

Keep up tbe great work, Julie.
JulieHarris Premium
Thanks for the encouragement and your comments, Veronica. Good thoughts!
MKearns Premium
Good job Julie. Keep it up!
JulieHarris Premium
Thanks! Have a great day.
pparadise Premium
Great post and well said. Keep up the good work it will pay off down the line.
JulieHarris Premium
Thanks for the encouragement! Slow and steady wins the race, so they say! :)