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Last Update: April 08, 2018

Well, here I am, 90% done, amazed at what I've learned and ready to launch. I write for the Senior niche about issues and options. I especially focus on retired women and their money concerns. It's a growing problem that affects our whole society and, because I love to do research, I look for solutions to encouage and inspire.

I especially like the community here and I'm grateful for the enormous participation and help that's available. I'm computer challenged so I need to ask basic questions. I am catching on! The way the lessons are presented makes it fairly easy to get things accomplished and see your own progress. A big +. I see myself putting everything in place to run a business, not just start one.

My 3 month goals: I want to be up and running and starting to make money by summer. I will be traveling and visiting family and I want to have things in place.

By fall, I plan to know enough about affiliate marketing that I can handle the aspects of a business and not feel like I'm going uphill most of the time. Some aspects of the computer are still a nightmare - photos and linking - so I'm taking Apple classes and watching Youtube videos. All in all, I feel more and more a part of this commnity.

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MLove1972 Premium
I absolutely love your niche! I have several older female friends online that could really use advice on financial situations they encounter. Congrats on accomplishing so much. I am sure your goals will be met and even exceeded!
JudyStrong Premium
Thanks so much. I'm always happy to hear from women who are struggling with the same "stuff" that inspired me to create this blog. I seem to take 2 steps forward, one back, but that's the journey.

My best,

GinaU1 Premium
Great job, Judy! You have much to be proud of. Keep up the good work!
tclough Premium
WOW! Great progress Judy. I am betting your goals will all fall in place.