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Hi community, my birth given name is Judith, but you can call me Judi (drop the th). I'm a mother of an adult son and





I have so many idea's, I just don't know which one start?

I have so many idea's, I just don't know which one start?

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One idea is to help people who suffer from Fibromyalgia, use natural herbs for pain relief. Because I suffer from the disorder, I figured I would be a good spokes person. Howev

I have had back pains for years recently I I have been taking omega 3 oil for over a year suggested by a chiropractor and I also take turmeric and some people find relief by taking serapeptase which is an enzyme from natural sources , you can google it , I take these everyday they half quite a bit !
All the best !

From someone that has had a number of injuries and surgeries and has Spinal Stenosis, Lordosis and a form of Nerve damage from those injuries....I have tried anything and everything. Topical creams/lotions, natural remedies, medication both over and under the counter, they work for some and not for others. Also, what one country may allow to be sold & used, another restricts it. Look at more natural and homeopathic cures if you want to show everywhere. I believe a variance of all types of cures should be used to carry towards everyone. Natural herbs/minerals are always a good start. I also use topical lotions for deadening pain and cramping of muscles like; Max Freeze and lotions that a small percentage of Lidocaine (Numbing) and Pills with Chondroitin and Glucosomine and omega 3 oils for lubricating muscle/joints. I hope this can help.

Thanks Dean!

Hi Judio, I have similar interests in human health and alternative treatments. I have not started that site yet. I am focused on my pet health site for now. You might want to check out this post I wrote, many members have said it was helpful in deciding their direction starting out.

I have also found reviews aimed a solving a problem for readers is key. Those reviews get a lot of organic traffic. My posts on cat toys, bowls etc. get hardly any traffic. Targeting a problem and how to solve it will get you much more traffic and hopefully sales. I also try to only review products I use but that limits how much I have to review also.

I hope you make it work! Jessica

Thanks Jessica.

One thing I see from your question among others is that you want to talk about products. That is easy for you since you are using them already. You will need to do product reviews as well to help your clients. Check out this training on product reviews

Thank you very much. Judi

Thanks Gifty!

in terms of having many ideas and not knowing where to start... this is not a rare issue, and it can drive many people nuts, up to the point of not taking action on any individual idea which of course would be a shame.

If you are new to Internet Marketing/Business then be prepared to not only always having many ideas :) but also to experience mistakes and wanting to improve your actions and because we all make mistakes, especially when doing something for the first time, it is better to make mistakes on one idea instead of making mistakes on all of our ideas at the same time :)

I would suggest to pick one idea, any, and use it as a test case to learn the process, make some mistake, decide on what/how things could have been done better... then fix that project and start a new one with, now, more experience.

Tackle one of maybe two smaller project to start with. Face bigger projects being more ready next.

I hope this helps

Also... don't worry about which one to start with... just pick one and go with it, learn from it.... move on :)

Good luck to you!

Thank you very much, I will take all your suggestions into consideration.

My mom has fibromyalgia and I'm sorry to hear you suffer from it too. She would benefit from a site like that. But my suggestion is that you choose something you are passionate about. This will not only make it easier to write content for but it will help with coming up with new ideas to write about. But overall fibromyalgia is a great niche and I think you would help a lot of people. Good luck!

Thanks Karlito.

When comes to niche selection, you want to choose something you are passionate about. Then it will reflect in your work. It will be more detailed and longer, giving higher quality content to your readers. If you think that you can go far writing about Fibromyalgia, then go ahead.

Another thing, when writing product reviews, you do not have to own the product. You can get information about it through research. I hope this helps.

Yes it does Alex, thanks.

Pick one any one and let incremental satisfaction be your guide

Thank MKearns!

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