Wow, can't quite believe it but it is my 1st WAversary

Last Update: Dec 3, 2020

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Hi Everybody, I knew my first anniversary was coming up, but I thought it was in a few days. However, LinkedIn brought this special day to my attention as I got a message from a follower sending me best wishes. Thanks, Lindedln for being so accurate lol.

Starting with WA in December 2019

In May 2019, my second daughter was born and as some mum readers may know you will start overthinking all your life choices after such significant life events. I always wanted to create an online business, but I had not found the right tools to bring this dream into action successfully.

I remember the feeling so well when I found a well-written article stating that making money online is not as easy as many say, and many people will never successfully do so. However, if you are keen, you can check out the platform I use.
I was cultivated and took the opportunity with both hands and never looked back. (Thank you to@ JKWest, my mentor, I am so grateful I found your article and to have you in my network.

Steep learning curves

I started super exciting, and I worked my way through the training. I have been frustrated that I felt I couldn't go quick enough, but I have to admit that one of the biggest lessons in this online journey is personal development.

I always have been passionate about personal development, and the leap I took to start my online business, has allowed me to make significant personal growth. My willpower to succeed is enormous, and every time I get stuck, I'll have to look within to solve puzzle pieces what hold me back moving forwards.

Dave7 had this great quote recently in one of hid posts where one of the sentences state: 'nothing is as satisfactory, as doing the tasks you should do". How true is this? For me, working with your self to continuously move forwards personal and in business is satisfactory indeed.

Now, you may wonder, well, what did you achieve this year?

Fast forwarded to my 1st WAanniversary

So you may wonder, well but what did you achieve. Did you fix the puzzle? Do you know how it works now? Did you make lots of money?

Well, there is lot's I have achieved. I would lie if I said I didn't wish I was further than I am now, but at the same time, I have learned so much to accept where you are in your journey. It can be hard when you feel that other members are perhaps travelling at a faster speed, but it is so useless and irrelevant to compare. As another member Stanley ones wrote, the only person you should compare with is yourself; I thought they were wise words.

Ok, so what I did achieve is perhaps not in many dollars, but I made three sales in my first year, the first one after approx six months and the second one three months later. The third sale was three weeks after the second one what I believe is a positive development as the sales getting closer together.

The total of those sales was almost $100,-. It is not about the money at this stage; more about your work starts to convert into clicks and your clicks into sales.

I completed my SEO training and improved my writing skills a lot. I have overcome many technical challenges surrounded and supported by this unique platform and site support. I honestly couldn't have done it without you.

I wrote 52 articles, and I know that is by far not enough, but that is all I was able to do, I hope to complete a higher amount in the next year ahead. I have numerous article ranking, but my traffic is still not the best, but I understand that this is to expect as my website have even not enough article,s and I should have 100 items at least to be taken seriously. *Work in progress*

What is planned for the year ahead?

I wanted to start a second website for a while, but I have to hold it off as I realised there was no point doing so if I did not even have time to write for one site. Now I had written at least 50 articles, and my first anniversary was coming up. I decided that this was the moment they start my second journey here at WA.

I felt just like building my first again, and it felt so good, and It made me happy. I wanted to create a second site as I found out by travelling this journey what I wanted to do, and my chosen website domain was to narrow to cover all topics I wanted to write about. With my new site, I have a healthier direction and destination than with my first site, but still, feel passionate to keep building my first site as well.

I thought building my second site would be smooth sailing, but unfortunately,y I started with many technical challenges who are not my most vital skills. I figgered it would be smart using the same theme, and the same plugin would allow me to avoid technical issues, but this was an illusion.

I still feel puzzled how this is possible, however, with the fantastic technical support and many hours later, the issues are resolved,d and hopefully, I can eventually start writing now.

Then One more challenge brought by one of my affiliate networks emailing that one of the merchants are leaving commission factory, and we have to get all links and banners removed before 1 of January. Well, I will tell you that I was planning to use this merchant a lot for my new website and a big part of the business plan was focussed on offering their products.

Also, my old site has many links and articles devoted to their products so here on little inconvenience for on my to-do list, but I am sure we will turn it into a positive change of direction.

Roll-Up of the first year of Wealthy Affiliate

For me, WA has given me everything I expected, and I feel so incredibly grateful Kyle and Carson have designed and developed this platform for people like you and me. I feel so thankful for all my supporters, thank you for all who have guided me through my first year. Special thanks to Jay (JK west), Dave7, Trish, Marion, Diane, Rudy and Micheal, You have been all fantastic, thank you so much.

I feel so excited that I can start this year with so much more knowledge than last year to utilise in my new year ahead.

Let's do it!


Recent Comments


Congrats 🎊 Jude on your one year anniversary within WA, may your success continued growing.


Thanks a lot my friend, I am excited for the year ahead.
Let's do it.

Congratulations on your one year here at wealthy affiliate. Continue to strive for success. Alicia.

Thanks, Alicia, I appreciate your support and well wishes.
I wish you the very best too.

Congratulations, Jude on your one year with at WA, and of course, many more to come 😊👍🏼

Thanks a lot, Chigs, I appreciate your support and kind comment.
Have a great day.

Congratulations Jude, it's incredible that a year has gone by already. Good things coming your way.

I know, time is just the strangest thing. Thanks a lot for stopping by and your ongoing support, my friend.
Have a great day.

Happy 1st WAnniversary Jude! I hope you are reflecting on all your proud achievements and success gained over the past year. Wishing you many more future years in success. You've earned it! Please do enjoy it.

Most definitely. Feeling very proud and thankful and excited for the year ahead.
Thanks for your lovely comment.

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