NFL Survivor Pool Contest

Last Update: Sep 3, 2018

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Here is a NFL Survivor pool that pays 100k and it only costs $20 to join pick one winner a week during the NFL season that is 17 weeks in a row and win 100k if you lose you still can win 4 different ways click the link or copy and paste below to sign up for more details contact me to answer any Questions

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Hi there Juan, Do not understand that particular game, have watched a couple of times but got lost in the stop start and the I live in Australia and our rugby and rugby league season is coming to a close here as summer is about to appear...but will check out the wesbite and have a look. thanks for that..

Thanks for inquiring this is American football and is very different check it out if you have any questions I would be happy to answer for you

I will do that might watch some games as well...thnx

I consider sports betting a form of promotion that violates the rules here!

Thanks for reading

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